Clinton's popular vote lead hits two million


27 November, 2016

Donald Trump secured his victory by winning previous Democratic strongholds of MI and Pennsylvania and easily secured the Electoral College 309 to 232. Trump defeated Clinton by a projected approximate amount of 70 Electoral College votes despite losing the popular vote by approximately two million votes.

Campaign chairman John Podesta was sent to tell the Clinton crowd in Manhattan's Javits Center to go home but assured them that every vote would be counted.

Some of the emails, which Moore provided to AP, are specific, calling Trump a "dangerous demagogue" and "tyrant" without the experience to hold the nation's highest office.

It is critical to remember that nothing in the Constitution says the 538 members of the Electoral College have to do what we have come to expect.

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"How utterly ridiculous", Moore wrote on Facebook this week, of the email barrage.

"Many people have asked about Michigan's process for counting ballots and certifying election results. We're better than that". As far as the popular vote, Clinton is at 63,964,956 and Trump at 62,139,188, a massive plurality for Clinton of more than 1.8 million votes. "I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans", Clinton, 69, said November 9 about President-elect Trump, 70. Yes, there have been so-called "faithless electors", and there very well may be again.

States elect their leaders by direct vote. Reportedly there is a movement to deny Trump the presidency by electors refusing to cast their ballots for Trump when they meet on December 19. Yet it is the only elected official in the United States, from members of Congress down to the local dog catcher, who is not chosen on the basis of which candidate has the plurality of the popular votes.

Stats suggest that education won votes to Clinton but income supported Trump. Other states, according to NCSL, impose civil penalties.

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