You can register your Nintendo Switch ID right now

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23 February, 2017

"As many have already noticed, the Joy-Con controllers (yes, we know that's redundant) for the new Nintendo Switch console look like derpy dog faces", the team explains on the Kickstarter page.

Earlier Nintendo Japan published file sizes for some of the downloadable games for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch costs $300, and includes all kinds of stuff in the box.

Of course, this won't be much of a problem if you'd rather purchase physical copies of all your games but this is an approach to game buying that's increasingly not for everyone.

With the on-board storage of the Switch sitting at 32 GB (minus the operating system), its pretty clear that you'll probably want at least double that in expandable memory.

The Neogaf user who got an early Switch, however, didn't appear to be aware that he purchased a stolen console and initially thought it was a mistake.

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If you've ordered yourself a Nintendo Switch you had better prepare to crack open your wallet and splash out on an SD card. "They're buying multiple games".

Ben is an Australian games writer and pioneer in the use of the term "current-gen" to actually refer to the current-generation of consoles.

Even though not installing the games is an advantage over its competitors, it is also a disadvantage since most AAA games now need 40GB to 60GB of space, Cinema Blend reported. Since the IDs are unique, you'll want to grab your handle of choice before someone else claims it. Fortunately, 32Gb and 64GB SD cards are considerably affordable. If confirmed, it could be a huge competitor for the Switch by Nintendo. Interestingly, the company is in partnership with accessory manufacturer Hori.

Nintendo has said the Switch will support cards of up to 2 TB, but microSDXC cards of that size aren't available yet.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, and many GameStop stores will have midnight events to celebrate. Rolling out 32 GB of memory, it was then identified that an estimated 6 GB of it would be run by the system's OS. A 256GB microSDXC card will set you back $150.

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