Cabinet Office and major brands pull ads from YouTube

Google logo on the screen of a mobile phone
Google logo on the screen of a mobile phone

18 March, 2017

As we are not satisfied that YouTube is now a safe environment, we have removed all Channel 4 advertising from the platform with immediate effect.

Google is the world's single largest digital advertising platform and eMarketer research suggests it will command 40.7% of all US digital ad revenue this year as its dominance in areas including search and display advertising continues to grow. Meanwhile, the government has issued an order to suspend all ads on the website unless Google ensures that the related content has been removed. The company has also been summoned to the Cabinet Office.

He also said that Google invests a huge amount of money every year to stop bad advertising.

When approached by The Drum Google had no comment on the matter.

"From our founding days at Google, our mission has always been to make information universally accessible and useful", wrote Google UK Managing Director Ronan Harris.

Havas' has said its halt on investment will remain until it is confident in the YouTube platform and Google Display Network's ability to deliver the standards it and its clients expect.

"Multimillion-dollar social media companies with ample funds are simply not investing almost enough in taking proactive action to stop extremist content from appearing and to stop it being monetised", he said."Profit comes first for these people, " he added. "They can not masquerade as technology companies, particularly when they place advertisements".

Google is to be summoned before the government to explain why taxpayers are unwittingly funding extremists through advertising, The Times can reveal.

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The Guardian was one of the first to announce on Thursday that it was withdrawing all of its advertising from Google and YouTube after ads promoting its membership program appeared next to "extremist material", including YouTube videos of American white nationalists, a hate preacher banned in the United Kingdom, and a controversial Islamist preacher.

Rape apologists, anti-Semites and hate preachers were receiving payouts from publicly subsidised adverts on the Google-run video platform YouTube, according to the newspaper.

"Google, Facebook and others are media companies and have the same responsibilities as any other media company", said Sorrell.

"We have stopped all advertising through Google with immediate effect until we receive guarantees that this won't happen in the future".

The government has placed a temporary restriction on YouTube advertising pending reassurances from Google that its ads will not appear beside the extremist videos.

The report cites content showing up in YouTube alongside videos of white nationalists and terrorists.

The use of programmatic trading, which automates the process of buying and selling advertising online, is increasingly controversial, raising concerns that it both hurts media revenues and supports extremist material. However, the company - once - admitted it doesn't always get it right, promising a "thorough review of our ads policies and brand controls" with changes in the coming weeks to give more control to advertisers about where their marketing messages appear.

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