Latest Injustice™ 2 Trailer Showcases Firestorm

Latest Injustice™ 2 Trailer Showcases Firestorm
Latest Injustice™ 2 Trailer Showcases Firestorm

17 March, 2017

Character shaders let you change the look of your character's gear, while premiere skins go even further.

Injustice 2 will have microtransactions in in the form of in-game currency called "Source Crystals". "Source Crystals can only be used to purchase cosmetic adjustments to your fighters, Premiere character Skins with no gameplay advantage, and various Shaders for character costumes". "To be clear, we value our community and want to confirm that you can not "pay to win" in Injustice 2", it reads. Thankfully, NetherRealm Studios intends on revealing yet another hero or villain soon enough, with many still wondering if the fighting game will eventually receive at least one Watchmen character. That's also illustrative of the character's dual personality; the Firestorm in Injustice 2 is composed of the minds of Jason Rusch and Martin Stein, who "are only beginning to master their abilities", according to the developer.

WB Games is also quick to point out that Source Crystal purchases are not for pay-to-win or advantage-offering items; the tweaks awarded are purely cosmetic.

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Four of the characters joining the "Injustice 2" roster.

The latest member of the Injustice 2 cast has been revealed. Transform Gear is essentially a transmogrification feature, allowing you to change a piece of gear to look like another while keeping the same stats. The devs are very clear that this system "won't affect gameplay or progression".

With all of the constant release hype around new characters and story trailers, details about how various systems work in Injustice 2 have been a little thin on the ground.

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