Data of 6 Million Verizon Users Leaked

Verizon security error leaves millions of customer records exposed
Verizon contractor left 14M customers' data unprotected

14 July, 2017

Millions of Verizon customer records were left exposed in a loosely secure database by an Israeli technology company, ZDNet reported.

Nice Systems said it is investigating the exposure, and said there's "no indication" the information has been compromised, Engadget reports. A "senior Verizon employee" told ZDNet that "the company was unaware that the data was being exfiltrated or exported, and Verizon had no control over the server".

NICE Systems is the known company that offers a wide range of solutions including telephone voice recording, data security, and surveillance. It was fixed on June 22. If these were mobile phone numbers, they could have allowed potential attackers access to customers' Verizon accounts.

The hack, or really more so the door that was left wide open for anybody to see allowed interested parties to see customer names, phone numbers, and in some instances PIN numbers for their Verizon accounts.

"Verizon is committed to the security and privacy of our customers". The contractor, Israel-based NICE Systems, hosted the data in an unsecured cloud-based server that was accessible to anyone who knew where to look for it. UpGuard alerted Verizon of the setting on June 13.

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Gartner analyst Avivah Litan said the issue comes down to human error and it doesn't make sense to blame cloud service providers like Amazon and Google.

The main fear, according to the experts, was that Verizon Pin numbers in the trove of exposed data could be used to trick Verizon operators into letting hackers access personal accounts.

"When an attacker has enough information about their target - gathered either through social engineering or from data breaches- they will contact the phone carrier and have the phone SIM card swapped to a new device. Such third-party vendors are entrusted every day with the sensitive personal information of consumers unaware of these arrangements", said UpGuard. This could have then further given the attackers access to online services that were protected by SMS-based two-factor authentication. He is the person who exposed various data sets in past.

"This breach once again demonstrates the fact that cloud services like [Amazon Web Services] can be secure, but it is up to organizations using them to ensure that services are configured in a secure fashion", Rich Campagna, CEO of cloud security firm Bitglass told International Business Times.

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