LG V30 will go on sale starting September 28 in US

LG V30 To Go On Sale Starting September 15 In South Korea Other Markets To Follow Soon 
  Upcoming Mobiles  by Karthik Iyer 7 hours ago1
LG V30 To Go On Sale Starting September 15 In South Korea Other Markets To Follow Soon Upcoming Mobiles by Karthik Iyer 7 hours ago1

02 August, 2017

We saw the LG V20 past year, but rumors say that the new phone may ditch one of the V series' defining features: the second screen. Both phones will be released in August, with the V30 coming on August 31, a week after the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23.

According to Android Authority, LG is planning to launch sales of the V30 in the United States on September 28th following pre-orders opening on September 17th. The docs further reveals that LG is expected to launch USA pre-orders of the V30 on September 17. And now talking about the new V30 smartphone, we have yet another leak and this time we have schematics confirming a few details about the smartphone. The LG V30 will be shown off at the IFA 2017 on 31st August. The smartphone will then go on sale on September 15 in LG's home country of South Korea.

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This extra large f/1.6 aperture will be available in the "normal" camera, i.e., the back camera, of the LG V30. This is the same processor that Samsung will use under the hood of the Galaxy Note 8, something that means these two will be taking each other head to toe as far as performance is concerned. The display panel will be an OLED screen with the same 18:9 aspect ratio used on the G6, but the secondary display that has featured on all previous LG V series handsets will reportedly be dropped as well as the removable battery. So for V30 we can expect the same display or may be a 6-inch display.

Perhaps the biggest news, which will offer a signifciant improvement over earlier LG flagship phones, is the rumoured inclusion of an OLED display which could take the display fight right to Samsung's doorstep. The device is rumored to boast powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage or even 6GB of RAM.

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