Taylor Swift deletes all social media posts

Pop singer Taylor Swift
Pop singer Taylor Swift

19 August, 2017

Instead of just being confused about what just happened, fans everywhere started theorizing that Swift's social media blackout is a sign that she is about to release some new dope songs. It's not clear. Some wondered if she'd been hacked.

Her profile photo and postings before December 2015 were deleted from Facebook and her website was blank.

Update, 12:45 p.m.: It appears Swift is deleting posts from her Facebook and Twitter pages, too.

While the clues are small, they're there, causing fans to begin freaking out at the prospect of new music from the singer.

The Grammy winner's break from the public eye, including Friday's social media wipeout, might also be a part of her plan.

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Talk about a blank space!

"1989" is Swift's fifth studio album and her latest release. But that's not the only reason Swift's fan base is snapping into anticipatory mode. There isn't a single photo on her page.

All of this comes days after federal jurors in Denver found a former radio host, David Mueller, assaulted and battered Swift during a meet-and-greet in 2013.

Why would Swift delete her social media?

New music typically debuts on Friday at midnight, but given Swift's massive popularity, she doesn't need to follow any rules. Everything dates back to her 1989 tour, which is from well over a year ago. He sued Swift after he was sacked from his job alleging that she, along with her mother and radio liaison Frank Bell, were trying to destroy his career. As fans know, Swift has been maintaining a low profile, and it seems she is using that opportunity to write songs.

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