Zipping through the heavens, the Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend

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Don't Miss the Incredible Perseid Meteor Shower This Week

12 August, 2017

While skywatchers have been focused on the solar eclipse coming Aug. 21, it's not the only astronomical show in August: Friday and Saturday nights, the Perseid meteor shower will peak.

"During a good Perseid shower under ideal conditions, you can see about one meteor per minute".

Speaking on the topic, McKeegan added, "You'll want to find a place where you can sit down, relax and stare at the sky with your naked eye". But if they are located anywhere near the Jamaica Bay of the Long Island, which is about two-hours away from the city, they can watch the meteor shower on the Ruffle Bar Island of the Cedar Point County Park. Meteor showers are tiny dust particles, debris left over from a comet, in this case Swift-Tuttle. The showers are named after the part of the constellation that the meteors appear from their side in the sky.

Cooke said this year's rate is expected to be about 150 per hour but many of those will be blocked out by the light of the moon.

"The waning gibbous Moon will rise and light the sky starting in mid-evening, but the brightest meteors will still shine through", said Sky and Telescope.

A bright moon typically reduces the number of visible meteors by half.

To make the most of the night, viewers are advised to go to a dark area as far away as possible from urban centres.

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The Perseids, he explained, "never reach storm levels", which would be thousands of meteors per hour.

A spokesperson from the Roseland Observatory in Cornwall said: "The Perseid meteor shower is also called the August meteor shower!"

Of course our weather has to cooperate as well to have a good show.

To watch it, head to a dark location and look northeast beginning at about 11 p.m. Saturday. But some still have their hopes of the sky clearing to catch a glimpse of it. Ravindra Aradhya, a member of The Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers (ABBA) says, "The moon is still out in the night, and lights up the sky".

That said, cloud cover may be an issue, Gilmore said, but those clouds should gradually clear out through early Saturday morning before dawn.

Officials say the annual sky event is the most popular, as it gives non-enthusiasts a chance to see them.

The Leonid meteor is caused by debris from the comet Tempel-Tuttle, which has a 33-year orbit around the Sun.

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