Almost 194000 homes, businesses without power from Hurricane Irma

Florida Family Rescued From Car Submerged In Water During Hurricane Irma
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11 September, 2017

Florida Power & Light (FPL), the biggest power company in Florida said on its website it had over 565,000 customers without power Sunday morning.

The good news in South Florida is that recovery from power outages caused by Hurricane Irma is now expected to be a fix job, FPL spokesman Rob Gould said Saturday at a mid-day news conference.

Over 2.4 million homes and businesses have lost power in Florida, the major utilities said on Sunday, as Hurricane Irma pummeled the state.

A series of explosions and meltdowns occurred at the Fukushima nuclear plant after a massive quake unleashed a powerful tsunami that shut the facility's cooling systems and led to meltdowns.

Courtesy Lakeland Police Department
Courtesy Lakeland Police Department

Outages across the state will likely top 4.1 million customers since other utilities, including units of Duke Energy Corp, Southern Co and Emera Inc, will also suffer outages but have not yet estimated how many.

FPL did announce Friday that it plans to shut down its two nuclear power plants - Turkey Point in Homestead and St. Lucie Nuclear Plant near Fort Pierce - 24 hours before hurricane-force winds hit the area and throughout the storm. That is a decrease from the Category 5 designation Irma previously held.

FPL has spent $3 billion since its system was slammed by seven hurricanes in 2004 and 2005. But the effects are being felt far from the center because of Irma's size. If the hurricane continues on its present track and strength, Florida's west coast could be more of a "rebuild" to restore power, he said. "That restoration process will be measured in weeks, not days", said FPL spokesman Rob Gould at a news conference on Sunday.

Florida Light & Power said it had almost 17,000 restoration workers positioned across Florida.

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