Iran's Rouhani: Ending Nuclear Deal 'Would Carry High Cost' for US

Iran's Khamenei Warns Against 'Wrong Move' On Nuclear Deal
Iran's Rouhani: Ending Nuclear Deal 'Would Carry High Cost' for US

19 September, 2017

First, the UN Resolution 2231 is a key foundation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) - the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1.

Since the nuclear deal was implemented in January 2016, the JCPOA has dramatically reduced the risk posed by Iran's nuclear program and mandated unprecedented monitoring and transparency measures that make it very likely that any possible future effort by Iran to pursue nuclear weapons, even a clandestine program, would be detected promptly.

Meanwhile, Michael Lane said US President Donald Trump thinks his predecessor Barack Obama made a "horrendous mistake" when he designed his foreign policy towards Iran. But Trump more recently has said he does not expect to certify Iran's compliance with an October deadline looming.

Rouhani says the USA is not complying with the agreement, but insists his government remains committed to it. "The Iran deal is one of the worst deals I've ever seen", he said. The administration has hinted it may kick the decision over to Congress to come up with a broader strategy on dealing with Iran's behavior.

The Director of the European Leadership Network, Sir Adam Thomson, said,"Unilateral US action against the Iran nuclear deal would be a fast route to a second nuclear crisis alongside that with North Korea and would trigger a deep US-Europe division".

Calling the USA approach to the nuclear deal "totally oppressive hounding & cruel" in one tweet, Khamenei accused "corrupt, lying US officials" of hypocrisy.

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Iran's compliance has been certified twice by the Trump administration in its notifications to Congress, which are required every three months.

Pye Ian is of the opinion that the root cause of U.S. differences with Iran has nothing to do with Iran's nuclear activities, but that Americans and their allies see Tehran as an impediment to their intervention in the Middle East and are therefore eager to use every possible tool to strike a blow to the Islamic Republic. "Not a fair deal to this country".

The worldwide response - the US, Britain, France and Germany warned the United Nations (UN) that Iran had taken "a threatening and provocative step" by testing a rocket capable of delivering satellites into orbit and asked the UN chief to investigate. In exchange for Tehran rolling back its atomic program, the United States and other world powers agreed to suspend wide-ranging oil, trade and financial penalties that had choked the Iranian economy.

Mattis called the deal flawed in his confirmation hearing earlier this year, but stressed the importance of the USA remaining committed to it and to cooperating with its allies on its success.

The IAEA report also testifies that Iran has greatly reduced its activity in nuclear developments and kept the enriched uranium reserves at the agreed level.

Leaving the deal would only place the a disadvantage, diplomatically and economically. A superficial nod to diplomacy combined with a "tough" new posture towards Iran is just the kind of risky half measure that can pass for policy in such politically tenuous circumstances.

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