Former Obama Photographer Trolls Trump's Time Magazine Obsession

Trump in 2016 'I don't have time' for golf
Trump is in the process of spending three times more time than Obama on the golf course, according to CNN

28 November, 2017

President Donald Trump hit the links again over the holiday weekend, marking his 81st time at a golf club during a presidency that's just a touch over 10 months old, according to CNN.

Trump has played golf with several golf legends over the past few days.

Another day, another legendary golfer.

With placards saying "Don the Con Man", and "I support Pres. Trump bigly" a small group of protesters waited for Trump on the motorcade route.

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"I will be heading over to Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter, to play golf (quickly) with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson", he wrote on Friday. Woods is designing a Trump-branded golf course as part of a development in Dubai. He had stopped playing after the October 13, 2003, after having been critical because he was playing golf while the country was at war. At this point in his presidency, Bush had golfed seven times.

During the campaign, Trump vowed that he would be too busy working to ever play golf as president. The billionaire businessman had blasted the former president on how he wasted time, golfing instead of finding solutions to the dogged problems of the United States.

In comparison, according to figures compiled by Mark Knoller, the correspondent of CBS News at the White House, quoted by CNN, Barack Obama has played 333 rounds of golf during his eight years at the presidency and, at this time of his mandate, he had played 26.

But Trump - who regularly excoriated Obama on Twitter for the amount of time he spent golfing - has taken a different tack, most often declining to say who he is spending time with on the greens.

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