Harrison Ford a Car Accident Hero

Harrison Ford and other bystanders helped the woman who is said to have suffered minor injuries in the crash get out of her vehicle safely until paramedics arrived
Harrison Ford Still Playing Hero ... Helps Woman Who Drove Off Highway

21 November, 2017

The woman driving, who was the only occupant in the sedan, escaped with minor injuries, authorities said.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ Ford was driving behind her when she lost control and crashed into an embankment off the freeway.

Ford pulled over, along with other drivers, and rushed to her aide until the paramedics arrived.

Photos of Ford talking to first responders at the scene began surfacing online.

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Senior Officer Matt Alonzo of the Santa Paula Police Department was working the incident, which took place around noon. Ford, who was either leaving from or going to the Santa Paula Airport, helped the victim, authorities said.

Harrison Ford is living up to the heroism of some of his fan-favorite characters like Indiana Jones, Han Solo and more. But this time it wasn't a plane, and he was apparently just a witness to the accident.

In September, Ford helped direct traffic in New York City after a crash caused major traffic jams near the Midtown Tunnel.

The actor was involved in a close call at John Wayne Airport in February when he he mistakenly landed on a taxiway as an American Airlines jet was preparing for takeoff, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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