Koenigsegg sets new production vehicle speed record at 447 km/h

Koenigsegg Agera RS
The Koenigsegg Agera RS Is Now the Fastest Production Car Ever Made

08 November, 2017

You can watch both high-speed runs in the video above, which was posted on YouTube by Julian Thomas. On Saturday, factory driver Niklas Lilja reached 277.9 miles per hour (447.1km/h) in one of the company's Agera RS hypercars.

Koenigsegg's attempt at the word record took place on an 11-mile section of the road between between Las Vegas and Pahrump in the Nevada desert that was specially closed by the authorities.

Factory driver Niklas Lilja was the man behind the wheel.

According to Jim Lau from Racelogic - the folks who helped verify the speed with various VBox data loggers - the event was actually put on by Koenigsegg owners. It managed the feat in 37.28 seconds, 26.88 seconds of which were used to reach the top speed of 400 km/h (249 mph).

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Last month, Bugatti set an acceleration and deceleration record, taking the Chiron hypercar from a dead stop to 248.5 miles per hour (400 km/h) then back to a stop again in a mind-bending 42. The Agera RS bests Bugatti's record of 265.7 miles per hour by over 12 mph-a record set by the French firm's Veyron Super Sport back in 2010. It recently announced that the successor to the Venom GT, the 1600-bhp Venom F5, could break the 300-mph limit. Its 5-liter twin-turbo V8 provides it with 1,160 horsepower.

Koenigsegg also claims to have set another record on the day. It's so fast in fact that it can accelerate from 0-249mph and back to 0 in just 36.44 seconds.

Special mention should be made regarding the tires the Agera RS was running.

The test was then carried out using Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres which are the tyres the Koenigsegg is sold with and are authorised for use on the road.

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