Fingerprint Sensor Under The Display Technology Goes Into Mass Production

Vivo will bake fingerprint sensors right into its phone displays
Vivo's 2018 Smartphone Will Feature Clear ID In-Display Fingerprint Reader by Synaptics

18 December, 2017

The Vivo announcement is a surprise for another reason, too: When Qualcomm announced that it had developed pioneering in-display fingerprint sensor technology at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, it showcased the technology in a modified Vivo device. Vivo might not be a known name in Western countries but it has emerged as a top-notch brand with quality phones in Asia. This will allow manufacturers to maintain the design of their phones, while also keeping the fingerprint reader in a familiar area. Forbes has a write-up of what it's like to use an in-display fingerprint reader on a pre-production Vivo-branded smartphone, saying that it's simple to use and fast in its response time. Its Clear ID fingerprint sensors have gone into mass production. It also becomes a blunder if you try to make your device different in term so rarely placed fingerprint sensor as seen on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. "Synaptics' Clear ID fingerprint sensors are faster, more convenient, and more secure than alternative biometrics, and this optical technology represents a major innovation shift and opportunity for the smartphone market". No release date was announced in the statement but fans are expecting to experience the fingerprint sensor under the screen by 2018.

And it sounds like the scanner might work well. This reflects the current trend in Apple, wherein the iPhone X had to drop the fingerprint sensor in order to utilize the full potential of the display.

An article written by Patrick Moorhead for Forbes explains what it's like to use the reader. Synaptics on its part touts the Clear ID FS9500 as a "smart" technology that can detect fingerprints in various lighting conditions, can recognize wet or cold fingers, and detect attempts to spoof fingerprints. He also indirectly talked about the iPhone X, which relies on FaceID authentication. Synaptics claims that its technology is faster than the 3-D face recognition technology introduced by Apple recently.

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Overall, it looks like the Synaptics Clear ID technology is very reliable based on Moorhead's experience.

In-screen fingerprint sensors have been considered as a natural evolution of modern biometric sensors as the smartphone displays this year moved to an edge-to-edge concept. Vivo fell one position in Q2 but, thanks to its success in India, is expected to quickly regain a top five position.

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