Michael Strahan 'pissed off' Giants benched Eli Manning

Ben McAdoo may be fired by Giants within 24 hours of Raiders game: report
WATCH: What next if Giants fire Ben McAdoo on Monday?

03 December, 2017

How the Giants handled the benching of their franchise quarterback has been harshly criticized around the National Football League, with multiple players sticking up for Manning, including New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers. "I don't think there's any player - current or former - who think this is right". "I think it's a team game, team sport, we all understand that. Sometimes, one person gets thrown under the bus as a martyr and that seems to be Eli in this case".

Strahan also added that he didn't feel like the Giants did enough to help Manning succeed on the field this year. As a fan growing up, I mean, to see Joe Montana playing in another uniform, and again, to see Jerry Rice or Ronnie Lott [in another uniform], you know guys that I really looked up to and admired, there's not many happy endings in sports, and you know that's just the way it is.

"I think it just goes a lot higher than the players on the field". The thing about him is, to a lot of players, this is just another team, another franchise. "That has more to do than just Eli".

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The decision to sit the 36-year-old Manning after 13 seasons was unexpected, especially with five games left in the season. Wheeler struggled in his second career start, allowing Ryan Kerrigan to sack Manning twice and Mack will surely be a mismatch for the undrafted rookie.

After letting the dust settle a little from Tuesday's stunning news, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, who many feel is one of the best of all-time at his position and has spent his 17-year career with one team, spoke on Thursday of the situation in NY. Coughlin coached Manning from 2004 to 2015 and they won two Super Bowl titles together in 2007 and 2011. You can see the entire interview with Strahan below.

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