4-year-old boy dies from flu in Ohio

4-year-old boy is Ohio's first child flu-related death this season
Ohio Department of Health reports state's first pediatric flu death of season

11 January, 2018

There were 1,750 new flu-associated hospitalizations in OH during the first week of January.

Influenza claimed the lives of two people in Northeast Ohio, according to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. However, the medical community has seen an uptick in positive flu cases in Hays County since past year.

Globally, the 2017-18 winter influenza season has already started in most areas in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere and the influenza activity in the United States, Canada, Japan and many countries in Europe continued to increase.

Cases of the flu were close to epidemic levels at the end of 2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Doctors offices and emergency rooms have been busy lately as the USA continues to deal with one of the worst flu seasons in years.

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Those with the flu should stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone except to get medical care or for other necessities. "Recognizing the early symptoms of this disease and consulting your healthcare provider, so you can get on an antiviral medicine like Tamiflu or Relenza, is advice that could lessen the severity of the disease for you". However, flu cases typically peak between December and February.

Even though Schneider said the flu back then was very different from today's flu virus, it still kills 250,000 people every year worldwide. The community should heighten vigilance and maintain personal protection against influenza.The positive percentage of seasonal influenza viruses among respiratory specimens received by the CHP increased from 9.76 per cent in the week ending December 30 to over 15 per cent in the following week. They can also reduce the symptoms. While the flu vaccine can vary in how well it works, people who still get sick may have milder symptoms.

Use a tissue to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing; avoid using your hands, but if you do, immediately wash or use antibacterial cleanser to help prevent germs from spreading. They are most effective if they are taken within the first two days of contracting the illness.

To make matters worse, some pharmacies are dealing with temporary shortages of flu medications, due to demand.

"Trying to avoid the emergency rooms is good because you don't really want to spread influenza among vulnerable people or health care workers if you can avoid it", Kendall said.

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