Coalition of Governors combats gun violence

States band together to take action on gun violence
Chip Somodevilla Getty Images Dannel Malloy

25 February, 2018

"We're not waiting for federal action. But in the meantime, we have chose to take a regional approach, sharing information about guns across state lines, sharing a database, and for the first time that I know of, having a regional research center which studies gun violence and the impact on public health", said Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo.

But some states give their licensing authorities discretion to ban people they deem a risk to public safety, and Mr. David said they could use New York's database as an investigative tool to make their own determination.

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said the states would share information from their state databases that may not be in the federal background checks system.

NY will be working closely with several other Northeast states to crack down on gun violence with new programs, an initiative that received mixed reviews from local law enforcement officials.

One example: since the national Center for Disease Control can't study gun violence, this plan would create a regional violence research group to study the issue. "But, even more importantly, a collective of states can take these steps together broaden the reach and impact of commonsense gun safety laws".

"Let's work across our borders, let's not just advocate for better laws in our own states, but better laws in our region". We can not sit back and let guns get into the hands of those who shouldn't have them, and we can not simply watch nearly daily tragedy occur.

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Last month, Malloy, Murphy and Cuomo announced they were preparing a federal lawsuit over the sweeping tax reform legislation that was enacted by Congress a year ago on the basis that it treated their states unfairly by limiting the deduction for state and local taxes.

"Gun violence is not a New Jersey problem, or a NY problem, or a problem for any particular state or region - it is a national problem", Governor Murphy said. "However, we can not wait for Congress or the President to act". "Today we take the next step". Marco Rubio, for offering no meaningful steps to address gun violence in the wake of last week's massacre of 17 students at high school in Parkland, Fla.

Meanwhile, Trump Thursday signaled his strongest support for new gun laws since taking office. That is where they are going to go in Washington. Why?

The agreement further calls on the four states to share with one another information from their databases on who can not buy or own a gun in their respective borders.

"A lot of our folks go to one another's states to make other types of purchases", Malloy said.

State law enforcement agencies will be given details on firearm purchase or permit denials for people who are disqualified, according to the release. The four governors, all Democrats, will be urging others to join the coalition at this weekend's National Governors Association meeting.

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