FCC Starts Clock On Net Neutrality Repeal, Faces Lawsuits

FCC To Publish Net Neutrality Rule Reversal
Here's the FCC's 284-Page Order Repealing Net Neutrality — It Gets Officially Published Tomorrow

23 February, 2018

With the repeal, the FCC will do away with rules barring internet providers from blocking or slowing down access to online content. Once published, Congress has a 60 day window to pass or defeat the measure before it becomes United States law.

The FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom Order and Breitbart News's Allum Bokhari argued that, under net neutrality, content providers such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter have censored the Internet, stifled conservative and alternative voices, and served as a greater threat to free speech compared to ISPs. "Despite the hard blow [FCC] Chairman [Ajit] Pai has dealt to the Open Internet, small businesses, and consumers, the fight for net neutrality continues", the group's senior counsel John Bergmayer said in a statement.

Amy Spitalnick, a spokeswoman for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, said that they will refile their lawsuit against the FCC "once the final rule is published".

On Friday, a coalition of more than 20 state attorneys general and advocacy groups agreed to withdraw a protective petition filed in January that sought to preserve the right to sue.

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Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is launching a statewide campaign to save net neutrality.

The April 23 deadline is already drawing criticism and legal challenges from parties who believe net neutrality is needed to regulate fair use of the internet. This agency failed the American public. "It failed to listen to their concerns and gave short shrift to their deeply held belief that internet openness should remain law of the land".

"It turned a blind eye to all kinds of corruption in our public record - from Russian intervention to fake comments to stolen identities in our files", she said.

That's because once that ruling, known as the Restoring Internet Freedom order (ha!), officially drops, opponents will have something to sink their teeth into and can begin the long process of fighting the rules in court. He also eked out support from one Republican, Sen. Posting the notice of the repeal in the federal register also makes it possible for it to be legally challenged, or overturned by lawmakers using the Congressional Review Act. The Republican-led agency narrowly passed the repeal in December by a vote of 3-2. Twenty-three Democratic attorneys general later joined the fray.

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