Five people shot in clashes between migrants in Calais

27 2017 migrants gather during a food distribution in Grande Scynthe near Calais northern France one week after French authorities evacuated hundreds of migrants from a wood on the northern coast
Eight migrants are shot in Calais with three fighting for their lives as police break up fight between more than 300 Afghan and Eritrean rival gangs

03 February, 2018

Four teenage refugees are in critical condition and more than a dozen others injured after violence broke out in Calais amid an increasingly desperate situation that has seen smuggling gangs, according to one charity, "pitting communities against each other".

Around 22 people were hospitalised after the brawl, including migrants from the African country between the ages of 16 and 18.

The initial fight, which lasted nearly two hours, broke out on the city's southern outskirts where migrants had been queuing for food handouts.

Crucially, Macron did not seek to renegotiate a controversial 2003 deal effectively pushing Britain's borders back onto French soil.

Local prosecutors also claim there was a separate clash later at an industrial site where more than 100 Eritreans fought around 20 Afghans, some armed with iron rods.

He has vowed to step up deportations while speeding up waiting times for bona fide asylum seekers an approach he touts as mixing "humanity" and "efficiency".

He praised the police officers who intervened in the brawl, noting that 84 officers have been wounded in Calais in the past two years.

Beyond pouring millions into more police and extra security measures in Calais, Mr Macron said he wanted to reduce the amount of time migrants spent in France.

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Though the "Jungle" camp was demolished in 2016, hundreds of migrants are still living rough in the nearby woods, hoping to reach the UK.

It is not yet clear who fired the bullets.

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed not to tolerate another Jungle camp being built in Calais, insisting the port town will not be used as a "side door" for migrants to gain access to the UK.

Aid organizations in Calais said that violent outbreaks would recur if the French government did not improve conditions for migrants stuck in legal limbo.

Collomb appealed to migrants to stay away from Calais, saying the government would not allow them to settle there. He said more police would be sent to Calais to crack down on criminal gangs.

The police systematically tear down their encampments and use tear gas and batons to prevent them holding up truckers. They remained hospitalized Friday, a spokesperson for the Pas-de-Calais prefecture told ABC News.

The grim conditions, made worse by a particularly wet winter, have led to tensions between groups of migrants from different regions that sometimes spills over into violence.

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