Kinder Morgan president wants quick resolution to BC-Alberta trade dispute

Alberta boycotts BC wine in pipeline dispute
BC wineries feel like 'easy target' after Alberta bans imports in pipeline feud

08 February, 2018

Speaking the day after Premier Rachel Notley announced Alberta would no longer import B.C. wine - in reaction to British Columbia's restriction of diluted bitumen shipments - Ian Anderson said he hoped the standoff would be solved soon so that his company's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project could continue apace.

Horgan said he spoke with Notley last week, but has not spoken to her since she announced the wine boycott on Tuesday.

There were also hashtags in favour of the boycott, but wine drinkers on both sides of the debate seemed to agree that B.C.'s wine industry is collateral damage in a pipeline fight that was - before Tuesday - a separate issue.

"We are now in court with respect to the Kinder Morgan process and until we get a resolution from the federal court, that is an open question".

"We're going to continue to engage with the premiers on a regular basis". "I would like to thank her for standing up for Alberta".

"Our consultation on proposed new regulations hasn't even begun, but Alberta has seen fit to take measures to impact B.C. businesses", continued the B.C. premier.

Horgan, newly arrived from a trade mission to Asia where he touted the glories of Okanagan grapes to buyers in Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo, said he won't be distracted by "retaliatory trade actions".

That's a message Notley herself is selling to Albertans. "Not almost as important as the energy industry is to Alberta and Canada, but important nonetheless".

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Just because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is refusing to wade publicly into the emerging pipeline-induced trade war between British Columbia and Alberta, that doesn't mean things aren't happening out of the public eye, his environment minister suggested Wednesday.

"Hopefully we get past it and we'll get talking about the men and women we want to put to work on this project".

During question period this week, Carr defended the decision to build Trans Mountain based on a sound review process, followed a few minutes later by McKenna "eviscerating the process" before she introduces the overhaul legislation, Stubbs noted. Notley also suspended talks to buy B.C. electricity.

"Next time you're thinking about ordering a glass of wine, think of our energy workers, think of your neighbours, think of our community, think about our province and maybe choose some terrific Alberta craft beer instead", she said.

"Boycotts. will not resolve an issue that is ultimately our federal government's responsibility", the chamber said.

Whatever happens, the dispute offers Trudeau big risk and reward, said Tom Bateman, associate political science professor at New Brunswick's St. Thomas University. "This should not be about pitting BC businesses against Alberta businesses".

Trudeau said his government would stand up for the "national interest", but disclosed little about possible next steps. Pressed as to what the prime minister might do next, the source cited Trudeau as saying last week that the dispute was still in the early stages.

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