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The Story of God of War

22 April, 2018

In our very positive review of the game, we said that "Vengeance may not be what Kratos seeks anymore, but that has done little to stop the God of War franchise". Armour and magical abilities can be swapped around and upgraded, and there is a well sized skill tree for each kind of combat Kratos can master, the skills themselves split between new abilities and upgrades to them. That's where this guide comes in - we've gathered all our tips and tricks, walkthroughs, and other guides here to ensure you have the knowledge to succeed.

Spoiler Alert! At a certain point in the God of War PS4 version, as you're completing missions, Brok at his shop at the Lake of Nine will give you the ability to use a Mystic Gateway.

Gamers play as Kratos, the returning protagonist from the previous God of War games. Luckily, there is a way to move around the map more quickly.

The God of War series has relied on escort missions before.

You fill Stun meters by attacking the opponent again and again, but Atreus's arrows deal a lot of Stun damage as well.

So, forget Egyptian and Mayan myth. God of War 5 will have Kratos and Loki dealing with Thor, Odin, Freya and more characters we've yet to meet from Norse lore.

Chests and collectibles litter this new entry, and so if you see a fork in the road there's no reason not to try to take them both.

Fallen Kingdom final trailer is here
While we knew that there were some elements of dino-nastiness in civilization, we had no idea the full scope of the story. But if that dialogue itself didn't give you goosebumps, then well, you may not call yourself a Jurassic Park fan at all.

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In the video, you get a good look at Kratos' more grizzled features as well as his son, Atreus. Who isn't? But to be clear, this series has always been about the boss fights, and even though the tone has changed, the trailers for the new game are still showing off some ridiculously huge titans we'll have to take down.

Just how well will God of War sell?

After many years of game development, God of War game reboot for PlayStation 4 is finally released.

The fast travel system is useful, but not fully accessible until later in the game, and honestly, sometimes it really is just faster to row that boat. However, small wordless actions, including failed attempts to console Atreus and bit back anger, talk more about Kratos' character and make him more relatable.

Don't be alarmed if you're confused by it at first, it takes a few hours of gameplay to get comfortable with it.

If you weren't completely interested in the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War already, your attention may have been grabbed by the recent flurry of critical praise. It's Odin who sends Baldur after Kratos to begin the game, and it's Odin who trapped the knowledgeable Mimir in a tree of torture (you rescue him and he becomes an ally of sorts).

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