Carrie Coon revealed as key 'Infinity War' villain

Robert Downey Jr was clearly the life of the party at the Avengers Infinity War press
Robert Downey Jr was clearly the life of the party at the Avengers Infinity War press

17 April, 2018

That's precisely what happened this morning when Carrie Coon (The Leftovers, Fargo) was announced to be a part of the film.

We all know that the cast of Avengers: Infinity War is big. Even the script is being kept under lock and key, where "We can choose to sit in a locked private room with an iPad that has the full script - which also has a bunch of lies in it - because they won't print the full script".

When Thanos invades Earth with the Black Order at his side in the comics, Proxima Midnight is sent to Atlantis to recover the Time Gem - one of the six Infinity Gems - from Namor, the undersea city's king. While we knew that there would be at least 22 heroes in the film, we didn't know about who would be playing Thanos' Black Order. According to the interview, she performed both the voice and the motion-capture for the film.

You can get a glimpse of Proxima Midnight in this July 2017 tweet from Marvel Studios co-president Louis D'Esposito, in which he referred to the Black Order as the "Children of Thanos". Proxmia Midnight is the lone female member of the group, who wields a powerful spear that can project poisonous energy. She also took out his eye, giving him more than a passing resemblance to his father, Odin, whose death kicked off Ragnarok.

Ebony Maw is the telekinetic member of the group.

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Okay, we don't have any idea how big or small the reference will be, or if it will have anything to do with the episodes of the show they directed, but we're going to let our imaginations run wild until we see it.

Cull Obsidian doesn't say much, he's mostly a silent character. "I think there is a reason why kids relate to him and why he is one of the most popular characters in the world".

That leaves Corvus Glave.

"It's certainly something you consider, but it's like Ant said, we wrote a letter begging the fans not to spoil the movie for each other, so we don't want to spoil it for them", Joe said. On that day, a new actor would be cast to play the newly iconic role. However, the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, as well as the fourth untitled Avengers movie, are set to not only shake things up for all of the characters but also signal an end to many stories.

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