Kim Jong-un watches South Korean K-Pop show in Pyongyang

Kim Jong-Un Attended A K-Pop Girl Band Concert In A Rare Embrace Of South Korean Culture
N. Korean leader views S. Korean art performance in Pyongyang

05 April, 2018

In addition to Choi and Yoon, the artistic mission included Red Velvet a modern K-pop group known for upbeat, electronic-based songs.

The North Korean rhetoric may come as a surprise, given Kim's usual saber-rattling statements that are mostly directed against the United States. "North Korean refugees overwhelmingly and consistently report that it has become more unsafe to consume foreign media under Kim Jong Un's crackdowns", Sokeel Park, the South Korea country director for refugee aid organisation Liberty in North Korea, said on Twitter.

Red Velvet stated in their post interview with South Korean reporters that they are honored to meet Kim Jong Un. Kim was seen clapping in tune to some of the songs and took photographs with the performers after the show.

The South Korean performers were the first musical delegation to visit the neighbouring nation in a decade's time.

South Korean president Moon Jae-in was not present, however the two leaders are due to hold a summit on the border later this month.

A second show on Tuesday will be a joint performance featuring acts from both Koreas and will take place at a stadium in Pyongyang that can hold 12,000 people.

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SEOUL-South Korean reporters, upset at being denied entry to a performance in Pyongyang, received some comforting words and apparent North Korean humor from a man believed responsible for killing dozens of their compatriots.

Yoon Sang explained, "Kim Jong Un asked about the remake since it was different from the original version, so I explained that YB band made a special remake because we heard the song is popular in the North".

Even so, she added that related punishments fluctuate, based on policy objectives. In another sign of eased tensions, annual US-South Korean military exercises which got under way in the South Sunday will last for just one month compared to some two months normally.

That year, North Korea withdrew from the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and threatened to test atomic weapons.

The mistress of ceremony during the concert in Pyongyang will be Seohyun, the group's south Korean K-pop Girl's Generation. He must really want those sanctions to go away, but he reportedly drew the line at allowing Psy to perform "Gangnam Style" on Sunday as well. "Besides that, nothing will change at all".

After the two-hour performance ended, the North Koreans gave a thundering standing ovation. "I am grateful for a gift like this (concert) to the people of Pyongyang", Kim told the visitors. "It is his country - you can break your own rules!" Kim had been planning to attend the Tuesday performance but chose to watch Sunday's show due to "political schedules", KCNA and South Korean officials there said. But given the current air of détente, high-profile USA assets such as aircraft carriers and stealth bombers are not expected to take part. KCNA denounced a South Korean foreign ministry spokesman for stating that he hoped to see "improvement of the human rights situation in the north". However, less obtrusive command post exercises, with some 12,000 U.S. troops, will overlap the summit, Yonhap noted. No date has been set for the US-North Korean summit although it is expected before the end of May. "I apologize on the behalf of North Korean authorities over the mishap".

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