Mets send Harvey to bullpen

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Matt Harvey is far from the ace he once was

24 April, 2018

It marks the first step toward something different, that's for sure, and kudos to the Mets for passing on Harvey's sales pitch that his final three innings in his start Thursday night - a start in which he gave up six runs in six innings - earned him another start. His future is still in his own hands and it's up to him if he will soon land back in the New York Mets starting rotation. If there was any bright spot of this start, it was Harvey retiring 11 of the final 12 batters he faced before being replaced by Jerry Blevins in the seventh inning.

"On a scale of 1 to 10 of being pissed off", Harvey said, "I am a 10". And even amidst all the hoopla about his position change, it's easily possible that an injury to one of Jason Vargas, Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Zack Wheeler and Steven Matz could necessitate Harvey's return to the starting five. In previous years, Harvey was able to urge his heater up too 97 miles per hour and was able to use that as his out pitch. "And Dave and I are going to take the approach that we're gonna do everything we can to help him do that".

Callaway also said it was "inevitable" that Harvey will start again this season. In fact, he recognizes why the Mets have made this decision.

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Matt Harvey did admit his pitching hasn't been good, and said on Saturday he's determined to earn his way back into the rotation. He's allowed 26 hits, 14 runs, and four home runs during that time.

Ricco said sending Harvey to the minor leagues was not an option because the Mets still felt Harvey could help the team.

Unfortunately, the injuries piled up as he needed surgery to fix his thoracic outlet syndrome, and he hasn't been as effective in the last three seasons. "My performance hasn't been there and I just have to do whatever I have to do to get back to the starting rotation". "Everybody uses tons of starters; 11 was the average past year for every team", he said. However, while Harvey admits to being upset at his move to the bullpen, he appears motivated to work his way back into the rotation. "We have a lot of confidence that we can get Matt back to where he needs to be, and this is the first step in that".

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