PUBG Will Begin Testing A New Smaller 4×4 Map This Week

PUBG Will Begin Testing A New Smaller 4×4 Map This Week
You Can Sign up to Test PUBG's Newest Map “Savage” Today

04 April, 2018

The "Savage" map is a smaller and more intense map that is still early in development.

This limited phase is the first for the map so if you happen to miss it and don't get a chance to play around in Savage, don't worry.

It is still not late, so everyone could grab a key, which can be activated through steam and will allow you to download a Closed Experimental Edition of PUBG, where players can experience the new map thoroughly. According to a recent announcement, the studio has started giving out keys to test the new map on a completely separate testing branch.

Access to the 4x4 Savage map, down from the 8x8 standard of previous maps, starts tonight.

The new map is available to test in a couple of hours, today, and players can only participate the test by having an invitation code.

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The test period will commence from 2 April at 10PM EST (that's 3 April at 10AM for us) until 5 April at 7am EST (6 April at 7PM).

Ready for some more variety in your PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds games? Players interested in trying out Codename: Savage will simply have to link their Steam account, which should already include PUBG in its list of games.

PUBG's anticipated 4×4 map is still in early development and isn't generally available. This will lead to more PUBG matches with shorter times.

Among the other things that PUBG players can expect this year are better character animations and sound effects, plus new game modes, weapons, and vehicles.

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