Scott Walker warns of Dem wave in Wisconsin

UW-L poly scientist says special election fight may tarnish GOP image in Wisconsin
Progressive Judge Wins Big in Wisconsin Special Election

05 April, 2018

Those same "Big government special interests" that flooded Wisconsin with "distorted facts and misinformation" will next employ their winning strategy against him, he predicted.

Dallet won the election, making her the first liberal who is not an incumbent to be elected in 23 years to the court, CNN reported.

"Tonight is a huge loss for Gov. Scott Walker, more so even than Judge Michael Screnock, as Walker's endorsement, philosophy and politics were on the ballot", Democratic Party of Wisconsin chairwoman Martha Laning said in a statement Tuesday. "I think people are exhausted of what's been going on in our state in terms of the money coming in to buy these elections and people spoke out tonight". With Dallet's win, six of the seven members of the court are now women.

Dallot's win, which gives her a ten-year term, reduces the conservative majority on the Supreme Court to a spare 4-3 margin.

Dallet's win in the elections also shows that things are turning out to be in favor of the Democrats nationwide, especially in Wisconsin.

Screnock, a Sauk County circuit judge, was endorsed by Walker and backed by about $400,000 from the state GOP.

The race drew national attention, mostly from big-name Democrats from around the country who saw it as an opportunity build momentum before the general election in November.

His campaign was also endorsed by conservative groups ranging from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce to the National Rifle Association.

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"I think my message resonated with Wisconsinites", Dallet told supporters in Milwaukee Tuesday night.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin wrote, "This election comes just months after a shocking Republican defeat in a special election for Wisconsin State Senate where the Democratic candidate won by 10 points in a district that went 17 points for President Donald Trump in 2016".

Doug Clawson, 58, a communications professional who cast his ballot at a Madison public library, said, "People are pretty motivated on the left, from what I can see".

"We have taken on the Unions". She will join the court in August.

Screnock was appointed judge by Walker in 2015.

As a private attorney, Screnock defended Walker's collective bargaining law and the Republican-drawn redistricting plan that is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. She is all set to serve a ten-year term, reports said.

"I don't want to support anyone who's backed by the NRA right now", said Phil Ouellette, 59, who works in advertising. She criticized the justices for not adopting a recusal rule forcing them to step down from cases involving large campaign donors.

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