Another Major Attack in Syria

The battle for Syria's skies will see a move from proxy clashes to direct ones
The Tragedy in Syria Rests on the Shoulders of the West

01 May, 2018

Missile strikes overnight in central Syria's Hama province killed at least 26 pro-regime fighters, a lot of them Iranians, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Monday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group, said Israel carried out the attacks but gave no further details on its information.

Whilst the United Kingdom domestic audience were kept fully informed of United Kingdom involvement in air attacks over Syria the involvement of the Israeli air force in even deadlier air raids went nearly unreported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group based in the United Kingdom, said that 26 pro-Syrian government soldiers died in the blast.

Mirror - Nine missiles fired on Syria in Hama and Aleppo were fired from British and U.S. bases in Jordan, Syrian media has claimed.

Israel has launched numerous airstrikes into Syria in recent weeks, aimed exclusively at protecting its border from a build up of Iranian-backed Hezbollah forces and particularly those close to the occupied Golan Heights.

In another report, Reuters quoted an unnamed intelligence source as saying that it appeared multiple missile strikes hit several command centers for Iranian-backed forces and there were dozens of injuries and deaths. Syria will become the anchor point for the Iranians' domination of the Middle East, and it's a major, major victory for them if we do that. Iranian media said the strikes killed at least 18 Iranians, including a commander. Israel has not confirmed responsibility for the attack but Russian Federation and Damascus have held Tel Aviv responsible.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this month his country will continue "to move against Iran in Syria".

That raid on the Iran-operated base was widely seen as its first direct attack on Iranian assets and a worrying sign of how Syria's seven-year conflict could escalate into a wider regional war.

State media did not say which rebel groups were included, but a rebel source said the deal was with the jihadist Tahrir al-Sham alliance, which includes Syria's former al-Qaeda affiliate.

The Syrian army unleashed a massive bombardment against one rebel enclave on Monday and prepared for the withdrawal of insurgents from another as President Bashar al-Assad pushes to crush the rebels' last besieged strongholds. Also, on April 28, the Syrian army is reported to have liberated areas in southern Damascus from Islamic State militants.

Israel immediately responded at the time with strikes against Syrian air defenses and Iranian "targets", hailing it as "the biggest and most significant attack the air force has conducted against Syrian air defenses" since the 1982 Lebanon War.

State news agency SANA said the villages were held by the USA -backed Syrian Democratic Forces, adding that they are close to the provincial capital, also called Deir el-Zour.

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