Net Neutrality Repeal Goes Into Effect

Net Neutrality Rollback Official
Net Neutrality Ends Tomorrow, FCC On Track To Remove Rules As Scheduled

13 June, 2018

We gather here today to mark and mourn the death of net neutrality, which, despite a valient fight and 9 million comments to the FCC, officially took its last breath on least, if you don't live in Washington state, where, as soon net neutrality died, it was immediately reborn.

Ellis SchumerDem leaders condemn Trump after reversal on G-7 communique endorsement Dem lawmaker: Trump conceding "role as leader of the free world" after G-7 summit Schumer: Trump "turning our foreign policy into an global joke" MORE (D-N.Y) is blaming congressional Republicans for the repeal of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) net neutrality rules, a shift which goes into effect Monday. The repeal of net neutrality is also good for consumers, says Pai, because it puts authority over ISPs back into the hands of the FTC.

Generally, yes. The major broadband providers - AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon - have all said they won't block access to particular internet sites or services, even those that compete against their own offerings.

Customers of streaming services like Netflix could see their subscription fees rise if the company chooses to pay more. "They now have nearly free reign over what content their subscribers will have access to", he wrote.

In the days of net neutrality, internet service providers were not allowed to block access to any website - unless that website was in breach of the law.

Proponents of the repeal say this easing of regulations will encourage investment and innovation, and that the Federal Trade Commission can remedy any potential harm through antitrust enforcement on a case-by-case basis.

Net neutrality has overwhelming public support, noted industry experts.

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OR also enacted a net neutrality law, signed in April and that goes into action in 2019, but it only restricts state agencies and other public bodies from contracting with network providers that don't meet non-discriminatory provisions. The rules also restricted ISPs from charging extra for certain traffic, creating so-called fast lanes for companies and consumers.

Pai argued that net neutrality created a disincentive for internet services to invest in their networks.

That is, except if you live in Washington state.

Why is net neutrality such a big deal?

Most now have service terms that specify they won't give preferential treatment to certain websites and services, including their own. Senate Democrats forced a vote to restore net neutrality through the Congressional Review Act in May. And three other states, California, New York and IL, plan to pass their own versions soon.

Supporters of net neutrality say killing the protections lets ISPs charge more and limit online access.

Also, the Senate voted to save net neutrality, though that effort isn't likely to become law.

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