Spectrum Cable, Internet And Phone Service May Be Booted From New York

A Spectrum truck in New York
NYS moves to kick Charter Communications out of state

29 July, 2018

"Charter must ensure no interruption in service is experienced by customers, and, in the event that Charter does not do so, the Commission will take further steps, including seeking injunctive relief in Supreme Court in order to protect NY consumers".

But the service expansion Charter was required to perform is being counted toward the goal Broadband For All. Friday's actions are meant to address Charter's failings and to ensure NY has a partner interested in the public good, not just lining its pockets. Although Spectrum says it made its network available to over 86,000 residents, NY was planning on 145,000 businesses and homes being serviced.

Friday's vote, if it survives any legal challenges that are filed, would bar Charter from operating in NY. The company said it has extended its advanced broadband network to more than 86,000 NY homes and businesses since the merger agreement and is focused on continuing that work.

The state Public Service Commission on Friday claimed the company is not meeting public benefit conditions agreed to in 2016.

Little more than a year after the merger, cracks began to appear.

Charter was ordered to pay $1 million after missing a June 18, 2018 deadline to extend its network to those un-served or underserved homes. The state lawyers plan to bring an enforcement action in NY state court.

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PSC says Charter not only missed but falsely claimed progress it did not make.

A Charter spokesman did not respond to requests for further comment.

"As indicated, the gap between required buildout and completed passings is growing, not shrinking, and Charter seems more focused on controlling its public relations perception than its public interest obligations", the PSC order reads.

The cable company, which was formed when Charter and Time Warner Cable merged in 2016, hadn't extended service to 145,000 homes and businesses in the state that are in unserved or underserved areas in NY, according to a ruling from the state's Public Service Commission. And on Friday, the commission said it will seek to impose additional penalties.

Charter Communications is the largest broadband communications company and second-largest cable operator in the nation. "I am pleased that the PSC is taking these serious concerns to heart, and is looking out for the hundreds of thousands of Spectrum customers across the state being shortchanged when it comes to cable and Internet service". It has 92,000 employees and its stock has a total value of $68.1 billion.

Its rulings do not affect the operations in other states of companies such as Charter.

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