The Bachelorette’s Becca and Garrett Are Already Experiencing This Relationship Struggle

‘The Bachelorette’ addressed Garrett’s Instagram controversy — but left out a crucial detail
Bachelorette Becca Kufrin picks her man and Bachelor Nation does not approve

08 August, 2018

Becca Kufrin got engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen during the Bachelorette finale on Monday.

Ugh! Poor Blake. It appears that he really WAS in love with Becca. "It's about who I can't picture my life without". "I didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings or do anything like that. So when we started talking about that, we got through that together and we're growing, we're progressing and we're moving forward". "This is what I'm here for, '" Mark said, noting she and Maguire had been in contact prior to the show.

While showing off her bling, a almost four-carat, three-stone, gold Neil Lane ring, Becca commented, "I think I was blinded at first".

Of his controversial Instagram likes, Garrett said: 'We've been honest and open and transparent with one another from the beginning.

In May, he used the platform to apologize for what he called "a mindless double tap on Instagram" after he deleted his old account. In fact, Becca said it forced them to have hard conversations and actually brought them closer together."It's a challenge that we had to overcome, and it's been a hurdle, but we have pushed through, and we have talked about it", Becca said.Though Becca may have bought Garrett's apology, fans?

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There's a cheesy montage of Becca and Garrett at the bow of the boat taking in the scenery. "They said that it especially wouldn't be easy for him to see the other relationship unfold, so I need to make sure that I talk about it with him". The Neil Lane Bachelorette ring also includes accented diamonds along the band, experts who spoke with MONEY raved about the craftsmanship and style of the ring.

ABC dramatically splices together video of both guys on separate, unnecessarily-long boat rides headed toward the dock where they each intend to get on a knee. You'd have no way to know about Yrigoyen's political beliefs, about Kufrin's, or about howthey "got through that". And, you know, he didn't mean it.

Kufrin's decision to stand by her man (and all of his social media baggage) is a thoroughly modern dating conundrum: Ten years ago, you'd have to wait to discover your date's troubling stance on immigration or liberal women until they told you about it over dinner one night.

There's an innuendo-laced video showing one of their rendezvouses. And each week, as we were put through the ringer with dumb men doing dumb things (I'm looking at you Chris R.), we knew that deep down, Venmo John would never stoop to such lows.

An Arkansan who was one of the final four women on the last season of The Bachelor will compete for another shot at love on the reality show's spinoff series Bachelor in Paradise.

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