Thieves captured after stashing shark in baby stroller during heist

Apparently stealing a shark is as easy as taking a baby from an aquarium.
Illustration by Anna Donlan
Apparently stealing a shark is as easy as taking a baby from an aquarium. Illustration by Anna Donlan

01 August, 2018

Police confirmed that a 38-year-old man was arrested on Monday night in connection with the theft, the Daily Mail reported.

If you're picturing the shark tucked into a damp blanky and wearing a bonnet as she was wheeled past security guards, the truth of the matter isn't quite that evocative - but it's almost as unlikely.

Salvaggio said in the press conference that police are working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to find if any federal laws may have been broken in the freakish aqua-heist.

The suspects are facing charges for theft between $750 and $2,000. Aquarium officials welcomed the shark back on Monday night. They waited for an employee to turn his back and then grabbed the shark with a net they brought.

Three people pulled off a weird heist involving a stolen shark from the San Antonio Aquarium, police say.

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Later, a man allegedly posted a picture online of a horn shark that included a caption that read "selling a horn shark, flawless for the next shark week". The trio had fished the 16-inch animal out of a petting tank, wrapped it up in a blanket and stashed it inside a bucket (also taken from the venue) in the bottom of the stroller.

"They staked out that exhibit waiting for the employee to leave", Covino said.

Meantime, 48 hours after being stolen, Miss Helen was returned to the aquarium where she is being kept in quarantine and monitored before being returned to her tank.

"He had a lot of different marine animals in the home", Mr Salvaggio said. Then, they put the animal in a wheeled baby carrier and walked out of the aquarium before anyone noticed Miss Helen was missing.

Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said officers initially refused to believe that the 911 call that came in Saturday was real. "He had had one of these in the past. obviously he likes those types of animals". "Police are working on getting a warrant as we speak to retrieve the shark and bring it home". He seemingly abandoned the woman and other man seen in the video. Horn sharks grow to be about three feet in length and are bottom-feeders native to the North American Pacific, according to Sharksider.

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