Senate votes on confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh. — File
Brett Kavanaugh. — File

08 October, 2018

"I was disappointed in the scope of the interviews and I was disappointed in the scope of the materials", Coons, D-Del., told ABC News' Senior White House Correspondent Cecilia Vega on "Good Morning America", calling the FBI investigation a "narrow" look into whether there was evidence to corroborate claims made by Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh's second accuser Deborah Ramirez.

But that evolved into a late-summer spectacle after Ford accused Kavanaugh of trying to rape her at an alcohol-infused high school gathering in 1982, when both were teenagers. Kavanaugh has denied the accusations.

The FBI submitted its report to lawmakers on Thursday, which paved the way for a procedural vote on Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court the next day.

Mr Manchin, the only remaining undeclared politician, used an emailed statement to announce his support for Mr Kavanaugh moments after Ms Collins finished talking, making him the only Democrat supporting the nominee. "Watching [Ford], I could not help but feel that some people who wanted to engineer the defeat of this nomination cared little, if at all, for her well-being", she said.

The Alaska senator expressed dismay at the acrimony in Kavanaugh's confirmation process and said on the Senate floor, "I am really anxious that this becomes the new normal, where we find new and even more creative ways to tear one another down, that good people are just going to say forget". "So, therefore, it's not valid, you know, it's not valid that it was him, even though that type of memory does not get mistaken, does not go away".

Vice President Mike Pence planned to be available Saturday in case his tie-breaking vote was needed, which now seems unlikely.

A last minute deadline oriented FBI investigation appeared to gave a near clean chit to Kavanaugh, which Is believed to have tilted the balance in his favor.

News of Collins's key vote was a strong blow to opponents of the controversial Kavanaugh, including sexual assault victims and their allies who view his impending nomination as a referendum on the #MeToo movement and its limits.

"I found her testimony to be honest, painful and compelling".

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With Republicans controlling the chamber 51-49, one Republican voted to stop the nomination, one Democrat to send it further.

The senator was ripped on Twitter by many progressive pundits, as well as criticized by the media for dragging out her yes vote into a long Senate speech that barely addressed the misconduct allegations.

In a much anticipated speech on the Senate floor Friday afternoon, Collins said that she believed that Ford was a survivor of sexual assault.

Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., told her fellow lawmakers Friday night that she thought the Senate must do better.

Christine Blasey Ford testifies during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of Brett M. Kavanaugh to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, on Capitol Hill in Washington, on September 27, 2018.

Murkowski, the only Republican to vote against advancing Kavanaugh's nomination during Friday's cloture vote, made clear that while her final vote will be recorded as "present" she remains opposed to confirming the nominee.

Jocelyn Sigue was one of a number of visitors who wrote a note about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to Sen.

Palin, who had been appointed to Alaska's powerful oil and gas commission board by Frank Murkowski, won broad public support from Alaskans due to her record as a reformer and whistleblower who called out the corruption in the Murkowski administration for cronyism with the big oil companies, an action which led to the largest ethics fine in Alaska history. Steve Daines to stay at his daughter's wedding in his home state instead of flying to Washington to cast his supporting vote.

Speaking after the vote, McConnell said the protests against Kavanaugh over the past several weeks have "turned our base on fire".

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