Councillors support election-first amendment but referendum still an option

Wantage MP urges Tories to support Prime Minister Theresa May

15 December, 2018

The prime minister said she hoped to "assuage" the concerns of Tory MPs who voted against her by seeking legal "assurances" from European Union leaders that the backstop plan to prevent the return of a hard border in Northern Ireland would be temporary.

Theresa May has confirmed she will not lead the Conservative Party into the next general election.

On specifying question of journalists, whether it means that she is retiring, may answered in the negative.

Asked for a response to opposition claims that she was now a "lame duck prime minister", No 10 simply referred journalists to the PM's Downing St remarks on Wednesday night following the vote of Tory MPs when she acknowledged there had been a significant number of colleagues who had voted against her but stressed the need to get on with the job of securing a good Brexit deal for the country.

In a closed meeting with Conservative lawmakers before the vote began, May said she would step down as Britain's leader before the anticipated 2022 election, a move that might have helped win over some lawmakers who were undecided going into the secret ballot.

May still hopes to pass her Brexit deal through British parliament, but that was always a long-shot-and now that she's effectively announced a countdown clock on her leadership, her ability to twist arms and make deals to ensure passage of her Brexit deal has not increased. In support, addressed the 200 members of the Conservative party with 117 against. Theresa May herself says she isn't expecting a breakthrough.

"The Prime Minister has utterly failed in her attempts to deliver any meaningful changes to her botched deal".

Tony Blair insisted today there must be a second referendum on Brexit because of the "crisis" over Theresa May's deal.

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It was not immediately clear which further talks she was referring to, as the European Union leaders had cut a clause from a draft declaration that would have promised "further assurances" on the border issue.

"So we would like, within a few weeks, our United Kingdom friends to set out their expectations for us because this debate is sometimes nebulous and imprecise and I would like clarifications". By failing to unseat her, the Brexiteers have effectively killed off the chances of no deal.

The EU also fear giving May assurances now would see her return in the new year seeking further concessions. She has, however, pledged to hold this parliamentary vote as soon as possible in January, and definitely before January 21.

The government should categorically take "no deal" off the table, extend Article 50 to allow more time to come up with a solution, and accept that the decision must be brought back to the people in a People's Vote - the only democratic way out of this impasse. If she pulls that off then we can the end they are politicians and they will want to help her. "After the apocalypse, all that will be left will be ants and Tory MPs complaining about Europe and their leader".

May has been on the back foot pretty much the minute she stepped into office, pulled in all different direction by Remainers who wanted the softest type of Brexit possible (if one at all), Leavers agitating for a no-nonsense (and very little compromise) break with Brussels, and the average Brit growing increasingly anxious about the U.K.'s future beyond March 2019, when the country is supposed to leave the European Union.

Tusk said the Council would aim to have an agreement on the future relationship between the 27 and Britain in place by the end of 2020 so that the backstop, which he called an "insurance policy" will not need to be triggered.

Anger over the backstop among Tory backbenchers and their DUP allies was the main obstacle to Mrs May getting her Brexit deal through the Commons earlier this week.

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