Number Of Rockland Measles Cases Hits New High

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31 January, 2019

Washington Department of Health officials announced that as of Monday afternoon there have been 36 confirmed cases and 11 suspected cases of the disease.

"While most people who catch measles will recover completely within a couple of weeks, it's important to remember measles can be a very serious illness that can leave permanent disability, and occasionally even kill". Measles is highly infectious.

Vaccination rates in OR and Southwest Washington, where measles first broke out, are comparatively low.

For more information on measles, visit the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) measles webpage at, or call North Central Public Health District (Wasco, Sherman & Gilliam Counties) at 541-506-2600; or the Hood River County Health Department at 541-386-1115.

House Bill 1638 - introduced last Friday - would look to eliminate personal exemptions for the measles, mumps and rubella vaccines.

"We're asking people actually to be diagnosed in their homes and not actually go to the doctor's office because that can infect people in the office", Inslee said.

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Canadians travelling to affected communities are at risk of exposure to measles, the B.C. Centre for Disease Control said.

Because the virus lives in the nose and throat of an infected person, it can spread to others though coughing and sneezing.

People who choose not to vaccinate their children are underestimating the dangers of the illness, said Melnick, who himself had measles as a child, before the vaccine was commonplace. Studies show nearly 30 percent of children younger than five who get the measles will have to be hospitalized, reports CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas.

Since the outbreak began in Clark County, there have also been confirmed measles cases in the Seattle area, and Multnomah County, Ore. One dose is about 93 percent effective. A level of 95 per cent is recommended in order to prevent the disease from spreading, it said. First, a well-publicized measles outbreak linked to Disneyland in California had just sickened 147 people nationwide. There are certain procedures in place for taking care of patients with measles. The vaccination status of four others who were infected is unknown.

The outbreak of measles in Washington state is taking place almost two decades after the virus was eliminated in 2000.

States like Virginia had a 97.6 percent rate for measles while Washington state is at 88.5 percent. "But because the vast majority of us are immune to measles, we tend to not see more than a couple of generations of cases". Health officials anticipate that the outbreak will rapidly expand. At least 31 of those sick were not vaccinated. During the same school year, 7.5% of children in all grades in the county had vaccine exemptions.

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