The blood moon: 2019 wolf moon eclipse to be visible this weekend

A Blood Moon in the sky over Berlin Germany in 2018. January's eclipse combines a blood moon with a full super moon
CARSTEN KOALL GETTY IMAGESA Blood Moon in the sky over Berlin Germany in 2018. January's eclipse combines a blood moon with a full super moon

19 January, 2019

3 Before we first heard the terms "super moon" and 'blood moon, ' a Full Wolf Moon is simply the name bestowed upon January's full moon.

If there was ever a time to howl at the moon, Sunday evening might be it. "This is the period of totality, where the moon lies entirely in the Earth's umbra (full shadow) and will appear red". The sight is visible from any place where the skies are dark and clear, during a totally predictable period of time.

No equipment is needed to view the event, with the naked eye more than enough to watch the impressive celestial event.

Dyer suggests using a tripod and says taking lots of practice of taking moonlight shots before the big event on Sunday. Also called the Storm Moon and Hunger Moon because of it being at the coldest time of year, the Super Snow Moon may be a good time to get used to going out at dusk.

"If you only start looking during totality, and the eclipse is a dark one, you may not immediately be able to see the moon, especially if you are viewing from a town or city", a spokesperson said. This is why some folks call a total lunar eclipse a "blood moon".

What will happen on Sunday night is a full lunar eclipse, Brothers said, and the labels attached to the moon reference different aspects of how and when the moon is appearing. Makes sense so far, right? Higher frequencies at the blue end of the spectrum get absorbed completely in the atmosphere, but red light can pass through and reach the moon.

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But if Sunday's weather system arrives earlier than expected and starts to leave the region sooner, there is a chance for cloud breaks to let the moon shine with the glow of reddish light passing through the atmosphere of Earth. A Wolf Moon is the name given to the first full moon in January.

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) says Nigeria will join other countries of the world to experience a total lunar eclipse on Monday.

The number of eclipse watchers soared higher than the heavens last July when we had a once-in-a-lifetime experience and what is fun about Sunday night's show is that the January 20-21, 2019 total lunar eclipse will last one hour and two minutes, according to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center lunar eclipse projections.

The total lunar eclipse begins at about 8:30 the St. Louis area.

The Rothney Observatory is located at 210 Avenue West at Hwy 22 South near Priddis. But that last part is because of something much cooler: an eclipse. The difference in size and brightness is due to the moon's proximity to Earth.

As the sun's rays pass through Earth's atmosphere, the light refracts. For the next hour, the moon will dim slightly. This accounts for the infrequent occurrences of total lunar eclipses.

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