Kamala Harris: 'I'm open' to abolishing Electoral College

Avlon on the history of the Electoral College debate
Kamala Harris: 'I'm open' to abolishing Electoral College

22 March, 2019

It's the latest push to embrace a procedural tactic to rally the Democratic base, following similar calls to scrap the filibuster and increase the size of the Supreme Court. This week the Electoral College is on the chopping block as Senator Elizabeth Warren comes out in favor of its abolition, Beto O'Rourke makes sympathetic noises and Colorado's Democratic governor signs a bill adding his state to the "National Popular Vote Interstate Compact". O'Rourke suggested a constitutional amendment to award the presidency to the victor of the popular vote.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), a leading Democratic White House contender, said March 19 that she is "open to discussion" about eliminating the Electoral College. A handful of Democrat-leaning states including California, Illinois and NY have joined a compact aiming to elect presidents based on who wins the popular vote.

And Electoral College defenders note that despite occasional controversies, the system setup by the founders has served us well. Trump tweeted on Tuesday night.

With the Popular Vote, you go to. In the absence of the Electoral College, the winner's vote share would likely be significantly smaller than is common today. "In fact, In senator Birch Bayh, who just last week died at age 91, came within a few votes of advancing an amendment to abolish the Electoral College and replace it with a direct popular vote".

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"My view is that every vote matters", Warren told a townhall meeting in MS, arguing that the southern state along with several populous ones like California rarely receive presidential candidates because they aren't considered battlegrounds.

Critics argue that the Electoral College minimizes the role of millions of voters in several populous states because the results there are rarely in doubt.

"It requires a constitutional amendment", Delaney told CNN Wednesday.

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