OR man Jeremy Taylor survives snowstorm by eating hot sauce

Jeremy Taylor woke on Tuesday to find more snow had covered his car. Source Deschutes County Sheriff’s OfficeMore
Jeremy Taylor woke on Tuesday to find more snow had covered his car. Source Deschutes County Sheriff’s OfficeMore

05 March, 2019

An old photo of Jeremy Taylor via Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Facebook.

On Sunday, February 24, outdoorsman Jeremy Taylor filled up his Toyota 4Runner with gas, and set off into the OR snow.

The experienced backcountry aficionado detailed how he got his auto stuck in deep snow later in the day while traveling on a remote US Forest Service road. He slept in his vehicle and when he awoke on Monday, more snow had fallen. A search and rescue team member on a large snow tractor brought them out of the woods, the Deschutes Sheriff's Office said in a post on Facebook.

Someone get Taco Bell on the phone, this bloke deserves free food for life.

A man stranded for five days with his dog after their auto got stuck in the snow in central OR survived by eating Taco Bell sauce packets and starting his car's engine periodically for warmth, officials said. Not long after, the pair found themselves snowed in on a forest service road, and without any way forward, Taylor chose to sleep in his vehicle overnight.

Taylor and Ally initially tried to trek through the snow in order to find help, but it was too dense, so they were forced to go back to his vehicle and wait.

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Mr Taylor was then "reunited with family and friends", the post said.

"Thank you everyone, I'm safe my Ally dog is safe", wrote Taylor. "Got lucky, lets never do that again".

Taylor, joking about how he had sucked down several fast-food franchise hot sauce packets in his vehicle, noted: "Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!" I'll be in touch with everyone soon.

Fox29 reported that Taylor elaborated on using the sauce packets to survive while joking on Facebook.

Taylor and his dog were both very hungry but otherwise in good health when rescued, authorities said.

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