Mueller report on Trump, Russia expected to be released Thursday

Rosenstein Says Mueller Report Will Outline Russian CybercrimesMore
Rosenstein Says Mueller Report Will Outline Russian CybercrimesMore

16 April, 2019

Trump and Barr have called for investigations into the origins of probes of his campaign ties to Russian Federation, and the attorney general has promised to issue a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report into his findings on that topic. The report could provide new information that could prompt further investigations or even consideration of impeachment proceedings, a tricky political calculation since Mueller did not conclude there was collusion or obstruction.

However, Mueller did not reach a conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice, instead presenting evidence on both sides of the argument.

But the extent of Barr's redactions could prove controversial and leave many dissatified.

"I have said, and I'll say again, 'No thank you, Mr. Attorney General".

The report's release to Congress and the public will come days after Barr told Congress he believed "spying" on the Trump campaign occurred during the 2016 election - a statement that buoyed Trump and his supporters, who have long argued the Russian Federation investigation arose from false accusations and bad motives.

That finding led to jubilation and some gloating by the president and his supporters. The full report will show whether Barr's summary left out anything damaging to the president.

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After reading the report, Barr issued a four-page letter about Mueller's conclusions. Barr has repeatedly said he's working with Mueller's team to redact information that could compromise sources and other ongoing investigations.

Over the past several weeks, a small group of Justice Department officials has been scouring the document to redact grand jury information and details relating to pending investigations, among other materials. Barr said that he reviewed Mueller's evidence and made his own determination that Trump did not commit the crime of obstruction of justice.

Shortly after the announcement on Monday, Trump responded with a characteristic swerve, attempting to accuse Democrats of orchestrating a witch-hunt.

She explained that they "have to be very careful" about what attacks and investigations they launch against the president, as previous allegations of collusion and obstruction have not been borne out.

As the White House has not requested to see the report in advance, Oval Office counsel Emmet T. Flood will be tasked with the job of reading the report and briefing Trump with its contents, the Times reported. Axios reported: "Two of the president's top advisers who will be handling the response to Mueller's report were watching the Masters [golf championship] when [asked] about it this weekend".

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