Twitter goes ‘dark mode’ and users couldn’t be more thankful

Twitter's dark mode has now an option to turn your app's background black. Twitter

01 April, 2019

Now, Twitter has launched three new Dark Mode themes for iOS - Dim, Lights Out and Automatic Dark Mode. They complain that the background of night mode is more blue than black. Finally, Twitter for iOS gets improved Dark mode which was much needed.

You are now required to tap on the Display and Sound option.

Here you can turn on Dark Mode. "Dim" is the current Dark Mode theme, while "Lights Out" is a new pure black colour palette that emits no light. Twitter was one of those apps that had dark mode before Google started darkening up its apps, as did tons of other applications.

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Good news, fellow lovers of dark mode! Until Apple releases a system-wide dark mode (sorry, inverting colors in accessibility settings doesn't count) switching on dark mode app-by-app is the best option. It could be a phased roll out, and all users should see the new options in the coming days. This one had promised a dark mode that really spared your battery.

Twitter is also bringing its 'Automatic Dark Mode' option to iOS, which is already available on Android.

Dark Mode is the new trend across apps and user interface given it reduces strain on the eyes by reducing the emission of blue light, which is believed to be much more harmful and also interferes with sleep pattern. More than just nice to look at or easy on the eyes, such dark colors have been proven to add a few minutes or even hours to battery life, especially on devices with OLED screens.

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