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Woman killed by pit bulls outside her home

Her husband Johnny Saylor found her in front of their house after he had been attacked by the two dogs. The statement says the man was able to shoot both dogs, killing one of them, while the other dog ran off. Lorraine Saylor was pronounced scene and her husband was transported to Pineville Community Hospital with arm and head injuries. "I'd seen them, but I didn't think they'd be mean like that", James Saylor said.

5th death confirmed in Florida small plane crash

The pilot was identified as 70-year-old John Shannon, an attorney from Lakeland, Florida. Officials said they believe fog was a factor in the crash. An airport employee who was photographing the thick fog captured sound of the crash on video. Mann said that when fire rescue crews arrived at the scene, the plane was already fully engulfed in flames.

Package of horse manure sent to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

According to NBC Los Angeles , a Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad arrived at Mnuchin's Bel Air residence in response to the delivery of a suspicious package, a large box covered in wrapping paper. The package also included a Christmas card with negative comments about President Donald Trump and the new US tax law signed by Trump last week.

North Korea testing biological warheads for its missiles

The Trump administration also said in its National Security Strategy document released this week that the rogue regime was developing a missile capable of carrying biological weapons . North Korea sees the regular joint exercises as preparation for war. North Korea might be trying to equip its new intercontinental ballistic missile arsenal with biological weapons-specifically anthrax-according to a new report.

Trump performs first commutation of prison sentence as president

Prosecutors misled Reade about their actions leading up to the sale when they scared away potential buyers willing to pay more than the eventual selling price of $8.5 million, the defense team said. "The President's review of Mr. Rubashkin's case and commutation decision were based on expressions of support from members of Congress and a broad cross-section of the legal community", according to White House statement .

Brexit transition period must end by 2021, says Barnier

In response to Barnier's warnings to the City, Carney said: "I don't accept the argument that just because it hasn't been done in the past, it can't be done in the future". This is slightly shorter than the 2-year transition that was thrown in the air. International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said in London on Wednesday that Britain's economy was "losing out" as a result of last year's vote to leave the European Union, but that any post-Brexit trade deal could help ease the pain.

RI hangs on to second US House seat in population estimates

That's roughly double the net migration figure from the previous year, which was -4,000. These most recent population estimates are available only for individual states and the a whole. Rural counties and most downstate metro areas saw the most dramatic declines. The state's rate of growth past year outpaced the nation, which grew.72 percent to 325.7 million.

Banking panel rejects Trump nominee to lead Export-Import Bank

Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). "In order for USA manufacturers to compete in a global economy, we need a fully functional Ex-Im Bank". Scott Garrett's nomination to lead the Export-Import Bank, a federal agency that assists in financing and facilitating trade between the US and other nations.

Putin: Trump's call saved Russian Federation from deadly terror attacks this weekend

The press office of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) reported earlier that seven members of a terrorist cell had been detained for plotting terror attacks. The reports showed the FSB detaining a suspect, who was later shown confessing that he was told by the Islamic State to prepare homemade bombs rigged with shrapnel.

Sebi, bourses enhance vigil after Gujarat exit polls

This is likely to be a positive push for the Rahul Gandhi-led Congress party as it starts taking steps in the right direction under the new party leadership by denting the vote share of the ruling BJP in the home state of the party's star campaigner Narendra Modi .

Forecast: Snow Ending This Morning, Cold Everywhere

High temperatures will settle back into the 30s to mid-40s through Wednesday. Sunday: Partly to mostly sunny. Tomorrow's high temperatures will only be in the teens to around 20° with more snow expected on Friday . Clouds will try to break later Saturday with highs in the middle to perhaps upper 30s. Saturday: Sun and clouds. Elsewhere across the United Kingdom sub-zero temperatures are also forecast, with more wintry showers in parts by the end of the week.

New York Attack: White House Pushes For 'Stronger' Immigration Law

President Donald Trump said he'll end USA immigration programs that give preferences to the families of new residents and that allow people to enter a lottery for visas, policies the White House blames for a bombing in NY on Monday. "And if that had been in place, that would have prevented this individual from coming to the United States". The president, along with some congressional Republicans, have called for the repeal of that program.

'I Will Kill Everybody': Airline Passenger Starts Yelling Out Of Control

Curbelo had to be physically forced back to her seat, and in her struggle she ripped an oxygen mask off the ceiling as she berated anyone within range. "I will kill everybody on this f--ing plane". "I don't know. It was not me". When Thompson asked, "Why did you try and smoke in the bathroom?", Curbello responded by saying, "the anxiety, yeah the anxiety".

After 35-year ban, Saudi Arabia to reopen cinemas in 2018

The ministry added that the government will begin licensing cinemas immediately. Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture and Information announced on December 11 that it would allow cinemas to operate beginning in early 2018, 35 years after Risky Business and Flashdance made a splash in theaters.

WaPo reporter apologizes after misrepresenting Pensacola crowd size

Packed house, many people unable to get in. But that didn't satisfy the president, who called Weigel's original tweet "FAKE NEWS" and said , "he should be fired". "Everyone knows this is not true, that this could, in fact, be a fraud on the American Public", Trump wrote on Twitter. "They apologized", Trump said, adding sarcastically, "Oh thank you, CNN, thank you so much".

Sunni Waqf Board dismisses Sibal's plea in Ayodhya case

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the demolition of the Babri Masjid- a seismic event in India's history and the matter is back in focus after the Supreme Court refused senior lawyer Kapil Sibal's plea to defer the hearing in the case. The High court, in 2010, had decided that the disputed land of 2.77 acre will be divided in three-way among the parties - the Sunni Waqf Board, the Nirmohi Akhara, and the Lord Ram Lalla.

Supreme Court hearing same-sex marriage cake case

Hodges . According to CNN, while Phillips refused to make Craig and Mullins a wedding cake, he did offer to make them other baked goods . Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan ticked off other categories of people who are involved in weddings to ask if they, too, might be able to refuse a same-sex couple.

Russian Federation to ban U.S. media from accessing State Duma

Moscow would not like to enter a ban fight with Washington, which will affect the media of both countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday, commenting on the decision to yank RT's Capitol Hill press credentials. The State Duma has been working together with the Foreign Ministry on Moscow's response to the withdrawal of RT America's Capitol Hill accreditation, State Duma Vice-Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy said on Thursday.

US Pulls Out of UN Global Pact on Migration

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has been informed of the decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to end participation in the process that would achieve the first intergovernmentally negotiated agreement on global migration by 2018, said the U.S.

Charles Leclerc to race for Sauber alongside Marcus Ericcson in 2018

The Italian vehicle manufacturer is making a return to the sport after 30-years to sponsor the team. Ericsson failed to score a single point in the 2017 F1 season while his team-mate Pascal Wehrlein managed five only to lose his race-seat.

Yemen rebel leader to Saudis: Let's 'turn the page'

Later in the day, Saleh said he was ready for a " new page " in relations with the Saudi-led coalition pounding Yemen if it stopped attacks on his country. Tension between Saleh and the Houthis has been rising in recent months. The Saudi-led coalition welcomed Mr Saleh's change of stance. The coalition accuses Saleh, who heads the General People's Congress party, of betraying his Arab neighbors by joining forces with the Houthi rebels.

Russian Federation accuses USA of provoking Kim Jong Un

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev admitted that Pyongyang's behaviour put Russia at risk, noting that Russia will not allow military action against North Korea. The U.S. already imposed unilateral sanctions on Pyongyang, but these seem to have failed to make any difference in the regime's plans for turning into a nuclear power.

In US, 57pc of kids on track for obesity by 35

Simulation of Growth Trajectories of Childhood Obesity into AdulthoodZachary J. Ward, M.P.H., Michael W. Long, Sc.D., Stephen C. Resch, Ph.D., Catherine M. Response: Although the current obesity epidemic in the United States has been well documented in children and adults, less is known about the long-term risks of adult obesity for children given their current age and weight.

Bryan Fuller and Michael Green Depart American Gods

Now, though, it appears that Fuller and Green were pushing for expanded budgets per episode in the second season, with the cost already nearing $10 million for each hourlong show. In the meantime, he is developing Amazing Stories for Apple , and Green is working on the Netflix drama Raising Dion . Fuller was previously the creator/executive/producer/showrunner of CBS All Access' Star Trek Discovery, but he left before production began.

Undocumented immigrant acquitted of Kathryn Steinle's murder

Before the killing, he had been released from a San Francisco jail after a minor drug charge was dismissed. Again, I'm not suggesting that necessarily makes the murder, I just don't understand how his handling of the weapon does not make him culpable for her death even if you assume the shooting itself was an accident.

When can you see the last supermoon of 2017?

On that day, our satellite will be approaching the Earth very close to 358,400 kilometers, so the moon will be 7% larger and 16% brighter than an ordinary full moon. For the best possible view, the supermoon will reach its closest point to Earth and appear largest in the sky on Monday, Dec. 4, at 3:45 a.m. The moon's orbit around the Earth is not a flawless circle, meaning the distance between the two bodies grows and shrinks as the lunar planet plods eternal laps around us.

President Trump to promote tax reform in Missouri visit

Moments after he left the Capitol, two key Republican senators on that committee, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Bob Corker of Tennessee, who had been holding out for more concessions to meet their different concerns about the measure, told CNN they would vote for it.

EU Fails To Seize Opportunity To End Glyphosate

Guy Smith, NFU vice president, said: "It is good news that farmers and growers will be able to continue using glyphosate for another five years". However, the approval falls far short of the 15-year license the commission had originally sought and Conservative MEPs lashed out at what they called "an emotional, irrational but politically convenient fudge".

Trump insults Native Americans at event to honor group

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye described the incident as part of an "ongoing feud" between Trump and Elizabeth Warren , over her claims to have Native American heritage during her Senate campaign. "It's incredibly disgusting he would make a comment that reduces an entire demographic of Native American women to the name Pocahontas, in front of native men he was supposed to be honouring".

Former Obama Photographer Trolls Trump's Time Magazine Obsession

Trump has played golf with several golf legends over the past few days. Another day, another legendary golfer. With placards saying "Don the Con Man", and "I support Pres. The billionaire businessman had blasted the former president on how he wasted time, golfing instead of finding solutions to the dogged problems of the United States.

After President Trump Slams CNN, James Comey Posts "Freedom of Press"

According to the leader of the executive branch, "the outside world does not see the truth from them!" Shortly before Donald Trump retweeted the link to MAGAPill's list of his accomplishments, CNN responded to his tweet about its worldwide division being "a major source of (Fake) news".

Erupting Bali volcano blankets popular tourist island with ash, disrupts flights

The National Agency for Disaster Management issued a Level 3 alert, recommending no public activities within 6 to 7.5 kilometers (3.5 to 4.5 miles) from the peak. Bali is a popular tourist destination for many in the region, with thousands traveling to the island for end of year celebrations. The aviation alert status for Bali has been lifted from "orange" to "red" but the airport will remain open until volcanic dust impacts the airport.

Aid workers to return to Yemen at weekend but no aid yet

It was not clear if fuel imports, crucial for supplying clean water, would resume as part of the easing of the blockade, he said. However, the coalition's blockade has remained on Yemen's seaport of Hodeidah, which has cut off food, medicine and fuel imports to the Yemeni northern population where more than 7 million people are on the brink of starvation.

Growers, customers not anxious about nationwide Christmas tree shortage

Macy was left scrambling for volunteers to help offload trees on Thanksgiving Day when a delayed shipment of trees that had been scheduled to arrive Monday finally showed up Thursday morning. What was a tradition for many families for years, decades, or even generations, is no more this year. I mean, you have to drive a ways, maybe pay more, but the main advantage is it's just really a family outing, it's not just to get the tree.

Who Is Dabrett Black? Texas DPS Trooper Shooting Suspect Arrested

A Texas DPS trooper was shot and killed Thursday afternoon about 90 miles southeast of Dallas, according to Navarro County EMS. DPS said Black, of Lindale, Texas, fled the scene in a vehicle and was spotted about three hours later more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of Fairfield, in Waller County.

Black Friday shoppers resort to punches at mall in Alabama

Thursday and was set to close at midnight before reopening again at 6 a.m. for Black Friday . In the midst of the fight, she said she saw a shoe fly over the railing and hit a baby on the first level. The statement also said "no major incidents were reported". "Last night at approximately 11:20 P.M., Hoover Police responded to a fight outside of Buckle at the Riverchase Galleria".

Dozens killed in Egypt mosque attack

State condolences poured in for Egypt , including messages from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S., Russia, France and Britain condemning the violence. The presidency has declared three days of national mourning. The victims today included civilians and conscripts praying at the mosque. Egypt's security forces are battling an Islamic State insurgency in north Sinai, where militants have killed hundreds of police and soldiers since fighting there intensified over the last three ...

London's Oxford Circus Subway Station Evacuated With Armed Police on the Scene

The Met Police have evacuated people from the area and closed Oxford Circus Station while they investigate the incident. Police said that at this stage there are not any casualties. "I was next to the tube station and everyone started screaming and shouting and then a flood of people came up the stairs", local man Greg Owen told reporters.

European researchers claim to have identified North Korea's list of targets

The US is ratcheting up its sanctions on North Korea in line with its commitment to "maximum pressure" aimed to stop the rogue regime's nuclear and missile menace. But the unilateral measures, analysts said, only prevent US companies and banks from doing business with those sanctioned, which was already happening in practice.

Brian Bowen will not play basketball at UofL

And regardless of whether Bowen was or was not aware of the financial deal that allegedly led to his enrollment, the reality is that federal agents believe Louisville committed major rules violations to secure his commitment. Gatto and his fellow defendants were indicted and accused of facilitating the bribe in order to persuade Bowen to attend Louisville. Johnson was also not named in the investigation, but was initially put on leave October 6.

Saudi King Salman, Putin discuss latest Syria peace efforts

The leaders discussed various disputes involving North Korea, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, and Afghanistan, according to a Kremlin statement . Trump called it a "great call" Tuesday afternoon as he left the White House to spend Thanksgiving in Florida.

Trump declares North Korea a state sponsor of terror

US President Donald Trump speaks during a Cabinet Meeting in the White House, Washington , DC, November 20, 2017. Trump told reporters early in his visit that his administration would make an announcement on North Korea "very soon" and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters that the announcement would come "at the end of the trip".

Arabs prepare for Iran Security Council face-off

The Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir has said that Qatar's crisis is small matter and there are more important matters to attend to. The Arab foreign ministers' final statement referred to Hezbollah as a "terrorist organization", a branding that drew reservations from Lebanon, according to the head of the Arab League, Ahmed Abul Gheit.

Hillary Clinton Questions the Legitimacy of Trump's Election

Looking past a network like MSNBC, which all but serves as the campaign arm of the Democratic Party, she denounced Fox News for its partisanship. Experts believe that Trump was possibly responding to an interview Hillary gave to Mother Jones on Friday.

Hajin Gunfight: One IAF GARUD killed

On October 11, two IAF commandos and an equal number of militants were killed while six security personnel were injured in a similar encounter in Hajin. Srinagar-based Defence Spokesman Col Rajesh Kalia said an IAF Garud commando was also killed in the operation. Sources said the gunfight erupted at Chandrageer village, around 35 kilometres from Srinagar , when joint teams of police, Army and CRPF launched counter-insurgency operation.

Ohio Dems Condemn Gov. Candidate for Boasting of Sexual Escapades

In his original announcement, the Supreme Court justice almost identified the very women he was referring to, and one wrong word suggested that he had actually slept with a USA senator! In contrast, the OH supreme court's chief justice condemned her colleague for expressing "gross disrespect for women", and his opponents have called for his resignation.

France says Saudi coalition must boost aid efforts to Yemen

It says over 50,000 children are believed to have died in 2017. Saudi Arabia announced it shut down all ports after a Houthi ballistic missile attack near Riyadh's global airport. "Together, we issue another urgent appeal for the coalition to permit entry of lifesaving supplies to Yemen in response to what is now the worst humanitarian crisis in the world".

Australians Vote 'Yes' On Gay Marriage

Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe, who came out as gay three years ago, said the result was a huge relief. Australia will become the 26th nation to formalise the unions if the legislation is passed by parliament, which is expected despite some vocal opposition within the government's conservative right wing.

Russian Federation accuses USA of not attacking Daesh in Syria town

A woman walks at a damaged site after an airstrike in the rebel-held city of Douma, in the eastern Damascus suburb of Ghouta Syria November 2, 2017. "This is the irrefutable evidence that there is no struggle against terrorism as the whole global community believes", the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement posted on Facebook along with photos.