Obamacare plans still affordable with rate hikes

Most North Carolina residents buying health insurance through the Affordable Care Act will continue to get low-priced plans even as premiums increase and insurance companies pull out of the program, federal officials said today. Mississippians using the federal health marketplace, also known as "Obamacare, "will have fewer options than last year-largely due to United Healthcare's exit from the state's system, which takes effect January 1, 2017".

Police chief was surprised by violence after fatal shooting

The city of 600,000 along Lake Michigan is also the country's most segregated metropolitan area, surpassing larger, deeply divided Midwestern cities such as Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit, a 2012 Manhattan Institute analysis of census data found .

Nick Cannon begins freshman year at Howard University

Nick Cannon is heading back to school. That's because Nick Cannon has enrolled at Howard University - and yesterday was his first day at school. Cannon confirmed his enrollment in a statement to ET. Cannon says in a statement that he "decided to obtain my first college degree from an institution that had a proven legacy of producing great minds".

Trump raising own rent to profit from presidential run: Kaine

It's not clear whether the smaller campaign staff is using more office space at the Manhattan building, and the Huffington Post reported the Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment. "Once donors were writing checks to the campaign, Trump said, 'Wow, I can get more money personally out of this, '" Kaine said at a campaign stop in Denver.

Clinton Foundation health project still mulling foreign donations

Voters' negative views of the foundation appear to be rooted in how it is perceived: While 29 percent of voters say the foundation's objective is mostly charitable in that it raises and spends money to provide help for those in need, nearly four in 10 voters (36 percent) say it is a mostly political organization that raises and spends money to further the interests of the Clinton family.

Bankrupt Gawker to shut down

The other Gawker Media publications, including Jezebel (women's issues), Gizmodo (tech), io9 (science fiction, fantasy and science), Kotaku (gaming), Deadspin (sports), Jalopnik (all things automotive) and Lifehacker, are expected to continue publication after Univision's acquisition of the company .

Louisiana flood: Worst US disaster since Sandy

Kathleen Pate is a volunteer specialist at the Red Cross Triangle Chapter. Madden will head to Austin on Wednesday to meet up with another volunteer and pick up an Emergency Response Vehicle to take to Louisiana . It all just depends on where they put you to work", Bill Madden, an American Red Cross Volunteer, said. Williamsburg resident Lisa Phee will be leaving for Louisiana Tuesday evening to help in the relief efforts.

Slain runner from NYC laid to rest in MA

Marcotte grew up in Leominster, graduated from Boston University and worked as an account manager at Google in New York City. Marcotte's body was found last Sunday by a state police canine unit about a half-mile away from her mother's home.

One dead, five injured in Henry County crash

Nineteen-year-old Courtney Fisher, who wasn't a member of the water polo team, died at the scene of the accident, which occurred on Friday morning about 20 miles east of Napoleon in Richfield Township. Crews work to extricate victims of a two-vehicle crash Friday in Henry County. The Worthington Kilbourne water polo team was traveling to an out-of-town tournament.

OH girls' water polo team van involved in fatal accident

Vincent Medical Center. Thomas Worthington and Worthington Kilbourne water polo teams were traveling to an out-of-town tournament this morning. Five others were flown by helicopter to either Toledo St. Henry County Sheriff Michael Bodenbender said it was one of the worst crashes he had seen in his 26 years on the force. The team was on its way to a tournament when the crash happened.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke requests National Guard mobilization

Police earlier said Smith fled from a traffic stop, noting that the vehicle was "behaving suspiciously". During the pursuit, one of the officers shot the suspect who was armed. Protesters set several cars on fire and broke windows in two police cars. The newspaper reported that one of its reporters was shoved to the ground and punched.

Trump alliance will haunt Pence

Mike Pence seemed to relish his role today as attack-dog-in-chief. "As big as it needs to be", Pence said . Mike Pence is campaigning in La Crosse for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. "His energy level is just astonishing, but I really think he's driven by a passion", the IN governor said. "It was Hillary Clinton and her state department that left four Americans to die in Benghazi and then said what difference does it make", said Pence.

Delhi to cap tariffs for Uber and Ola

Night charges between 11 pm and 5 am can be 25 per cent of the fare. According to a report in Hindustan Times, the Delhi government is preparing a policy to control cab aggregators like Uber and Ola as per the directions of the Delhi High Court.

Cyclist at Olympic Road Race suffers horrific crash on descent

Van der Breggen powered to victory in the women's 137km Games road race around Rio on Sunday, but only after Van Vleuten crashed out spectacularly when leading with just 10km to ride. Van Vleuten made her move, with USA's Mara Abbott tracking her. The 33-year-old lay motionless in a ditch in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

I love my babies, my children

Trump conceded Friday that he suggested to a mother during a rally in Virginia Tuesday that "if you take that baby outside, it's not so bad". "I've heard so much about that attractive baby, lovely parents". "It's so disgusting what's going on with the media, so disgusting, and that's why we have to win", he said. We need to build a wall to keep the illegal Mexican babies from crawling over here and taking toys from hard-working American babies and committing awful crimes like drawing on the ...

Slain Cpt. Khan praised as "amazing man" by soldier

Chris Christie said Tuesday that the family has the "right to say whatever they want". Donald Trump says President Barack Obama is attacking him because he's "concerned I'm going to win". Sen. Ryan and Trump have disagreed on some issues, and the Wisconsin Republican was somewhat slow in endorsing Trump even after he wrapped up the Republican presidential nomination.

Columnist: Baltimore State Attorney Mosby Has 'Poisoned' Her Ties With Police

A pretrial hearing for Officer Garrett Miller had been set for Wednesday. And it comes in the midst of a tense national discussion of policing and race, including the fatal shootings of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and recent police killings of black men in Baton Rouge and Minnesota.

Trump accepts a Purple Heart amid veteran controversy

Earlier today, Trump spoke at a rally in Ashburn, Virginia where he revealed that a veteran approached him and gave him his Purple Heart . After saying how much he liked babies, the child was heard again, prompting Trump to change course: "Actually, I was only kidding - get the baby out of here".

Heavy floods crash into Ellicott City; major damage on Main Street

The body of a woman was recovered from the Patapsco River early Sunday, Kittleman told WBAL-AM. The Main Street area remained closed for vehicles on Sunday as Governor Larry Hogan arrived at the city to review the damages. "Do not attempt to travel unless you are fleeing an area subject to flooding or under an evacuation order". "The damage is substantial in the historic district [of Ellicott City]", according to Kittleman, "and recovery will take an extended period of time".

Trump speech promises law and order, more school choice

The person was not authorized to publicly discuss the campaign's internal plans and spoke on condition of anonymity. Active in the Senate on foreign relations and military affairs, he has a reputation for working with both parties as Virginia's governor and mayor of Richmond.

Michigan Attorney General Charges Six State Workers Over Flint Water Crisis

In April , two state regulators and a city employee were charged with official misconduct, evidence-tampering and other offenses. "We're starting to work our way up, and expanding our investigation". Special Counsel Todd Flood and the Flint Water Investigative Team will also be attendance. But the state's environmental quality agency failed to ensure that corrosion-control additives were part of the new water supply, which allowed lead and other substances such as iron to leach from aging ...

Mike Pence Campaigns In Waukesha

But when it comes to fundraising from Wall Street, Pence will likely hold back the Trump campaign. Pence drew the ire of abortion rights advocates in March after he signed a law banning abortions that were being sought because of fetal genetic defects.

Police arrest protesters outside Minnesota governor's home

Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez is charged. However, at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, 23 more people were taken into custody for unlawful assembly and public nuisance just one block west of the governor's mansion, the first mass-arrest of the protest so far.

Major Newspapers Catch Flack For Not Featuring Hillary Clinton On Front Pages

Only about one-in-ten registered voters (12%) say the fact that Clinton is a woman will hurt her this fall. "You could drop her into any trouble spot, pick one. America has had 44 presidents. Nobody knew what the former president was going to say. Each took the stage to vouch for her commitment to working on health care, children's issues and gun control.

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in Virginia, NBC News poll says

Trump has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton by three points 42-39 percent in Florida , according to a Quinnipiac University survey released on Wednesday. Men are more likely than women to have a favorable opinion of Trump , 34 percent to 28 percent. Clinton leads the Republican by a margin of 41 percent to 36 percent when Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are added.

Soberanes wildfire burns 10000 acres in Monterey County

Authorities say 18 structures have burned in a massive wildfire that is threatening more than 1,500 homes in canyons north of Los Angeles. Tripp said the Los Angeles fire chief was ready to join the incident command. A few Palo Colorado residents were outside the shelter Saturday afternoon. "We're optimistic we can turn the corner on (the Soberanes Fire) Friday night or Saturday morning", Blue said.

Thousands of Turkish teachers sacked, as government cracks down following coup

The broad crackdown and calls to reinstate the death penalty for plotters drew concern from Western allies who said Ankara must uphold the rule of law in the country, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member that is Washington's most powerful Muslim ally.

Trump Defends Connecting Cruz's Dad to Lee Harvey Oswald

Attention was shifting Friday to the general election and Democrat Hillary Clinton's anticipated announcement of her vice presidential pick. "There have always been men of all background and ethnicities on my father's job sites". And, I suspect, she doesn't agree with her father on those issues. "A lot of money, and there was a picture, and that's the only thing I know". American families need relief.

Ivanka Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Yet she treads a careful line, supporting her father but equally careful never to say anything controversial, as she maintains a carefully curated public image as businesswoman and entrepreneur. Polls show a majority of women have an unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump . And nothing Ivanka says changes that fact. She was preceded by a well received short film detailing her father's life, narrated by Jon Voight.

GOP speakers fault Clinton on Benghazi deaths

Clinton told the House Benghazi committee previous year that "some" people had wanted to use the offensive, anti-Muslim video to "justify" the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on the first day of the Republican National Convention on July 18, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Chris Christie Stages Raucous Mock Trial of Hillary Clinton at Convention

American voters must also think about "What would Hillary Clinton do if she was in fact president", Carson said before concluding she would have a "deleterious effect" for years to come because of her ability to appoint judges on both a federal level as well as the Supreme Court.

No sign of Trump endorsement, but plenty of Cruz ambition

Addressing the Brexit referendum, Mr Farage said he planned to travel around Europe encouraging "independence movements" to break out in other countries . While Cruz is considered by many to be the Republican standard-bearer in Texas, Delisi said he may not be the most important Texas speaker in Cleveland this week.

Southwest Airlines systems outage causes delays at RDU

Flight tracking website FlightAware.com showed that Southwest had delayed 157 flights so far on Wednesday, or about 3 percent of its operation. Taylor reported that the ground stop was over but that the domino effect of delays remained. It will take time before the budget airline resumes a normal operation, he said. Passengers can find the latest updates on Southwest's Facebook and Twitter pages, Landson said.

Baton Rouge police killer: A former Marine from Kansas City

They include an IWI Tavor SAR, 5.56 caliber rifle, Springfield XD 9, 9mm caliber pistol, and Stag Arms M4 Variant, 5.56 caliber rifle was staged at the vehicle. "It's very heartbreaking to see what is happening; there is no completely understanding it", said Lt. At 3 p.m. Sunday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards was joined by top officials for a press conference to release the latest information regarding a shooting.

Chiefs of 5 public colleges paid more than $1M, study finds

A spokesman for the system added that, at Georgia State, Becker's $500,000 bonus previous year came from a private foundation. President Michael Schneider said he is proud to work for McPherson College and thrilled that the college has received the "Great College to Work For" honor two years running.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch for parts of north-central IN until 2am Monday

The watches will remain in effect until 8:00 p.m. Monday . "In addition to large hail and damaging winds, frequent cloud-to-ground lightning is occurring with this storm". Fifty-mile-per-hour winds and pea-sized hail are possible, according to the forecast. A few storms could contain wind gusts approaching severe limits, but the risk for widespread severe storms is low, it said.

The Police Are Now Protecting The Dallas Shooter's Family's Home

The New Orleans Police Department did not immediately respond to inquiries about its assault rifle policy. The Army sent him stateside, recommending an "other than honorable discharge " - which is "highly unusual" because counseling is usually ordered before more drastic steps are taken, said Bradford Glendening, the military lawyer who represented him.

Central Texas father, son killed in France attack

The family - including Austin and Maegan , the dad's kids from a prior marriage - was in the midst of a European getaway to celebrate the 40th birthday of Sean's second wife, Kim . "Nobody deserves this type of fate, especially not such a wonderful family", the baseball league posted in a statement. "We will always hold Brodie and his family in our hearts and pray for healing and peace in the world".

Fox News and Gingrich suspend contributor agreement over VP speculation

Meanwhile, there are other reports that say Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will become Trump's running mate. Using just Fox as an example, the cable news leader suspended Gingrich for his 2012 presidential campaign, and took Scott Brown off the payroll when he sought New Hampshire's US Senate seat that same year.

Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison For Girlfriend's Murder

In handing down the sentence, Judge Masipa told the courtroom that Pistorius' life and career had been ruined. Prosecutors can appeal for a heavier sentence, but have not said yet if they will. But Judge Thokozile Masipa , in her hourlong judgment, said that she believed Pistorius is unlikely to reoffend , is a good candidate for rehabilitation, and appeared to show genuine remorse over Steenkamp's death.

Thousands gather to mourn, honor 3 slain officers in Dallas

Sam Eichenwald for NewsweekUsing only plastic cups, a fence and a flag, Dallas citizens created a makeshift sign proclaiming unity between the police and civilians in the aftermath of the shooting . A Sheriff's Office report said that the honor guard was able to make the journey to Dallas "thanks to the generosity of JetBlue Airways". Interstate 635 - also known as LBJ Freeway - was closed for the procession.

GfK Poll: Email investigation has hurt Clinton's image

In Florida , North Carolina and Virginia , Clinton polls at 37 percent favorable, 58 percent unfavorable. " Clinton's single-digit lead in each of these states is due to her slight advantage in how voters perceive the two candidates", Miringoff adds.

Clinton receives long-awaited endorsement from Sanders

During his endorsement of Clinton Sanders said his campaign was about people who are "left out and left behind". In contrast, Sanders pointed out that Donald Trump believes that states should have the right to lower minimum or even abolish the concept of minimum wage.

Republican panel leaves anti-Trump move gasping for breath

Foes said they believed the movement was essentially finished. "It was never real, it was always overblown", said Ron Kaufman, a party leader from MA after Thursday's late-night vote. The prospect of that is unlikely, and she would need 2,472 delegates to defeat Mr Trump. That's a safe assumption, though NBC News' report added that Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, whose "Never Trump" activism enjoyed support from Sen.

Jalen McCleskey on Hornung Award watch list

In two seasons in Athens, he has four punt return touchdowns and 447 yards total and one kickoff return touchdown with 349 total yards. But it was on special teams where McKenzie did some of his best work, returning 17 punts for 217 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Congress sends Obama compromise bill to curb drug abuse

At least one, if not for each of the next five years. "It would be a surprise if the president does not sign a bill that has the potential to save millions of lives over a period of time ", he says. The legislation also would strengthen state programs to monitor and track opioid prescription activity and allow nurse practitioners to prescribe buprenorphine , a drug that fights opioid addiction.

Al Franken is worried about Pokemon Go players' privacy

As spotted a couple of hours ago by IT architect Adam Reeve, the ultra-popular monster-catching vitamin-D-injecting game for fat losers is a security nightmare on Apple iOS devices: the software gains extensive access to your Google account when you sign up.

"Road Rage" Found in almost 80% of Drivers

The study found nearly 80 percent of drivers of USA drivers have expressed "significant" frustration behind the wheel within the past year. Tidwell said inconsiderate driving, bad traffic and the daily stresses of life can transform minor frustrations into unsafe road rage.

Texas Wal-Mart worker cut 2 after conversation with employer

The employee, identified as 20-year-old Nicolas Francisco Martinez, allegedly slashed the firefighter's throat in a violent attack in Princeton, Texas. Thursday. Given the response frequently offered by certain politicians following an incident of gun-related violence, a few Twitter users wondered if this attack would prompt similar activism.

After Strasburg leaves no-hit bid, Nats top Reds 12-1

Reds: 1B Joey Votto returned to the lineup after he was scratched Saturday with a sore right shoulder. Strasburg hadn't started since June 15 after he suffered an upper-back strain. BLUE JAYS 17, INDIANS 1 (at Toronto) - Troy Tulowitzki had three hits on his bobblehead day, including a three-run homer, and Russell Martin homered and drove in five runs.