SpaceX finally launches 60 Starlink satellites into orbit

Eventually, the company wants to launch almost 12,000 spacecraft, each weighing almost 227kg. Getting the full constellation up and running will cost in the ballpark of $10 billion dollars, and SpaceX owner Elon Musk has conceded that such efforts have bankrupted others, such as the satellite operator Iridium , reports CNN .

Levee breach leaves Iowa city under 6 feet of water

The river at the Quad Cities has been at major flood stage or higher for 41 consecutive days. The latest estimate is $70 million more than the initial estimate issued last month. "The longer we can go without rain, the quicker the waters will recede", she said. The Mississippi River has reached record high levels in the area of Rock Island, Illinois, as melting heavy snowpack coupled with rain has caused widespread flooding, a national hydrologist said on Friday.

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Launch A ‘Robotaxi’ Service Next Year

Musk also claims that by 2022, Tesla will build a vehicle with no steering wheel once Washington (and the rest of the country) is comfortable with the idea of a Tesla operating fully autonomously. China is the world's largest market for electric vehicles, and Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has pledged to build a "Gigafactory" on the outskirts of Shanghai to produce Tesla 3 and Y models .

Pink Moon To Illuminate The Skies On Friday

The moon will not only be full, but also pink, so it'll definitely give us pastel goth vibes. You may enjoy the beauty of this celestial sight all the same from a hilltop or a clear field if you care to rise at an early hour. The next full moon will appear on May 18 and that's nicknamed " Flower Moon ". As the holiday weekend of Easter and Passover continues though the moon would start looking less and less full.

Pentagon says India debris expected to burn up in atmosphere

The United States has said that the issue of space debris is an important concern and it has taken note of the Indian government's statements that its recently conducted anti-satellite test (A-SAT) was created to address " space debris issues", according to US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Robert Palladino.

Biggest supermoon of 2019 to shine on Chinese Lantern Festival

Astronomers call it " perigee ", and when the Moon reaches its closest distance on February 19, it would seem to be much bigger and brighter than an ordinary full moon. The moon will technically reach peak fullness next Tuesday morning, February 19, 2019, at 10:54 a.m. EST, but won't be visible to most in the that time.

Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Is 'Native Land' for All Latinos

In an interview with NPR , Ocasio-Cortez justified the massive scope of the plan by saying: "Even the solutions that we have considered big and bold are nowhere near the scale of the actual problem that climate change presents to us". House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tapped eight Democrats to serve on a special committee to address climate change. The panel will be chaired by Rep.

The blood moon: 2019 wolf moon eclipse to be visible this weekend

The sight is visible from any place where the skies are dark and clear, during a totally predictable period of time. No equipment is needed to view the event, with the naked eye more than enough to watch the impressive celestial event. A Wolf Moon is the name given to the first full moon in January. The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) says Nigeria will join other countries of the world to experience a total lunar eclipse on Monday .

New Horizons reveals a 'snowman' at the edge of the solar system

The latest images transmitted by the New Horizons probe, as it continues the 20-month process of sending Earthwards all that lovely science data collected during its flyby , show Ultima Thule is actually a "contact binary " consisting of two connected spheres.

Endangered monk seal spotted with eel stuck up its nose

Thankfully, the researchers have been able to extract all of the eels they have spotted, but they are still baffled as to why it is happening. However, the agency says it has managed to save up to 30 percent of the monk seals in the current population, cutting the rate of population decline by half.

Elon Musk Won't Smoke Weed on a Podcast Again

We want them to be successful. The nine companies announced at the event will begin developing technology to support the upcoming Gateway lunar station and land small payloads on the moon itself. Lockheed Martin based its moon lander on InSight , the spacecraft that landed on Mars this week. NASA is pursuing dual projects of building a lunar orbital platform and returning astronauts to the moon in the mid-2020s - all of these missions are aimed towards eventually sending humans ...

Trump rejects findings of US government climate change report

Trump insisted Monday the USA is "the cleanest we've ever been", and said other countries weren't keeping up. Former GOP Rep. Tom Delay, whose Houston area was battered by Hurricane Harvey a year ago, called the National Climate Assessment "nothing more than ...

'Super-Earth' found orbiting Sun's nearest solitary star

But this frozen " super Earth ", the second-closest exoplanet known to science, is a tantalizing clue to what else might be out there. For one, Barnard's Star is close, just 5.95 light years away. 'Fortunately, our long-running Keck planet search program gave us the years we needed to gather enough precision radial velocity data with HIRES to begin to sense the presence of a planet'.

Trump slams USA judge’s decision to halt Keystone XL pipeline

McConaghy said that, most likely, "TransCanada has been working steadily through the night with the Trump administration to decide what they're going to tactically do". Trump could also either file an appeal or direct the State Department to conduct a new study, said Zachary Rogers, analyst at Wood Mackenzie. The judge also argued that the government's analysis had not fully determined the potential for oil spills and had failed to provide substantiating evidence or a " reasoned ...

Far-Right Candidate Wins Brazil's Presidential Election

Several hundred PT demonstrators protested Bolsonaro's victory on Sao Paulo's main Paulista Avenue before police dispersed them using tear gas. In an ironic twist of fate, he was himself stabbed in the stomach at a campaign rally in September, by an attacker who said God had sent him to kill Mr Bolsonaro .

Wet and mild: Warm winter predicted for much of the US

NOAA says much of the northern and western us will have warmer-than-normal conditions with the southeast having equal chances for temps that run either below-normal, near-normal or above-normal. 2018-19 Winter Outlook map for temperature. "We find ourselves on the verge of El Nino ", said Mike Halpert , deputy director of NOAA's Climate Prediction Center , on a call with reporters Thursday.

Local space expert talks about implications of terrifying Soyuz rocket launch failure

EDT on a mission to the station. NASA's top official said it was unlikely the Russian rocket failure would speed up development of those rockets because work on them was already flat out, but said it underlined the need for the world to have more than one way of getting to the ISS .

Michael is the strongest hurricane to hit the continental USA since Andrew

It was the most powerful hurricane on record to hit the Panhandle. Michael remained risky even though it weakened over the course of Wednesday afternoon and evening. The youngest of four until her father remarried and had two more daughters, Sarah loved being around her big family and made everything more fun, Roy and Amber Radney said in phone interviews with The Associated Press on Thursday.

Scientists Warn Catastrophic Global Warming is Looming

The report takes a worldwide look at the growing impacts of climate change . "Coral reefs would decline by 70-90 percent with global warming of 1.5 degrees celsius, whereas virtually all (more than 99 percent) would be lost with 2 degrees celsius".

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to be SpaceX’s first Moon tourist

In typical fashion for any company owned by Elon Musk , they've made a decision to do so by blasting a single person - the world's first private passenger, around the moon and back to test the rocket's capability for far space travel. After that, the BFR will move on to larger scale tests - with Mr. Musk noting that the entire BFR system will be tested in an uncrewed configuration before Maezawa and his fellow passengers embark on their voyage around the moon.

Florence death toll rises to 5 amid massive deluge

A member of the US Coast Guard walks down Mill Creek Road checking houses after tropical storm Florence hit Newport North Carolina . According to the National Hurricane Centre, the storm will travel through upstate SC, be downgraded to a tropical depression, then turn north toward the Ohio Valley.

The Weather Channel Goes All In With Apocalyptic Hurricane Florence Graphics

Forecasters said conditions will only get more lethal as the storm smashes ashore early Friday near the North Carolina-South Carolina line and crawls slowly inland. Geological Service said. State officials and the National Weather Service warned the storm's weakening only relates to wind speed, not the storm surges or flooding that will accompany the hurricane.

Dianne Feinstein Acknowledges Having A Secret Brett Kavanaugh Document

Feinstein has not shared details about the letter beyond her statement Thursday, and no other senators on the Judiciary Committee have been permitted to see it, according to reports. Although Kavanaugh testified in 2004 he was "not involved in handling his nomination", his emails from the White House counsel's office show he received invitations for meetings and conference calls to discuss confirmation strategies for Pryor.

U.S. beach town braces for powerful Hurricane Florence

Vice President Pence will go to Atlanta on Thursday to review preparations for Hurricane Florence , the Category 4 storm that is expected to make landfall later this week. Residents on the Carolina coast are finding empty gas pumps and depleted store shelves as they flee a potentially devastating blow from Hurricane Florence.

Hurricane Florence Seen From Space

But on Wednesday, a high definition camera outside the International Space Station captured a detailed and sobering view of Hurricane Florence from above. The hurricane, which has already caused several Week 3 college football games to be rescheduled, postponed or canceled, is expected to make landfall sometime this weekend.

5 photos of Hurricane Florence

Meteorologists are warning of potentially catastrophic flooding in the area, with isolated amounts of up to 40 inches of rain expected in parts of SC. The last Category 4 hurricane to plow directly into North Carolina was Hazel in 1954, a devastating storm that killed 19 people and destroyed some 15,000 homes.

Hurricane heads for Carolinas; will it hit mid-Hudson?

Steady weakening should begin by Tuesday, the center says. Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 100 km/h with higher gusts and additional strengthening is forecast during the next couple of days. The storm became a hurricane Sunday morning. Though the NHC can't pinpoint with certainty the exact location and magnitude of the impacts, they said , "interests at the coast and inland from SC into the mid-Atlantic region should closely monitor the progress of Florence, ensure they ...

Tropical Storm Gordon's rain and winds lash Alabama coast

Tropical storm warnings stretched from portions of South Florida (from Golden Beach to Bonita Beach), and for the Florida Keys (from Craig Key to Ocean Reef), including Florida Bay, and from the Okaloosa-Walton County Line westward to east of Morgan City, Louisiana, including Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas.

Tropical Storm Gordon threatens South Florida

The storm was forecast to come ashore late on Tuesday near the border between Louisiana and MS, and drop as much as 8 inches (20 cm) of rain in some areas of the U.S. Edwards announced at a news conference Monday evening that 200 National Guard troops will be deployed to southeastern Louisiana, where heavy rains and strong winds are anticipated Tuesday.

Australia's Malcolm Turnbull survives leadership challenge -- fo

Trade Minister Steve Ciobo and Human Services Minister Michael Keenan released statements offering support to the prime minister after it was reported they had also voted for Mr Dutton, along with Health Minister Greg Hunt. Then Home Affairs Minister Dutton was revealed as the conservative challenger, backed by Abbott and others as the best hope of retaining office in the 2019 poll.

Nasa launches first ever solar probe to 'touch the sun'

The Parker solar probe, a robotic spacecraft the size of a small auto, launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Sunday, embarking on a seven-year mission which will see it flying into the sun's corona - the outermost part of its atmosphere - within 3.8m miles (6.1 m km) of its surface.

Questions about Kavanaugh temper enthusiasm for Trump pick

Democrats are anxious that Kavanaugh will join with the court's other four conservative members to reverse legalized abortion in the United States. Democrats intend to press the issue at Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings to persuade their colleagues to vote against him. The second scenario is like the first, except with one or two Republicans opposing Kavanaugh , thereby putting Democratic senators in Republican states in the hot seat.

Belgium PM may attend World Cup, depending on how they go

Italy beat France in penalties to win their fourth World Cup title. TRT World's Paul Scott has more details from Moscow , Russia. Morocco's presentation took some not-so-subtle shots at the USA, highlighting the fact that guns are banned in Morocco and stating that during the 1994 World Cup even world-renowned soccer stars were unknown in America.

Subtropical Storm Alberto makes landfall, pelts Gulf Coast with heavy rain

At 7-30 p.m. EDT Sunday, Alberto was centered about 195 miles (315 kilometers) west of Tampa and had maximum sustained winds of 65 mph (100 kph) up from 50 mph (85 kph) earlier. And just as the long holiday weekend marked summer's unofficial start in the U.S., Alberto gave it the unofficial start of what forecasters recently predicted would be an active hurricane season .

Tropical storm closes in on Florida, Alabama and Mississippi

Forecasters have said Alberto could bring life-threatening high water to southern coastal states when it slams into the US. Sustained winds from the season's first named storm had dropped to 45 miles per hour before coming ashore about 4:45 p.m.

Storm Alberto churns toward Florida, Alabama and Mississippi

Gulf Coast beginning on Sunday", Brown wrote from the center in Miami . At 5 p.m. EDT Saturday, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said Alberto was about 95 miles (155 kilometers) north of the western tip of Cuba and moving north at 13 mph (20 kph).

Treyarch Still Undecided On Battle Royale Player Count

Players will have the option to either team-up or battle solo to engage in the most diverse combat ever that will allow combatants to utilize land, sea and air vehicles. Black Ops is coming back; the most beloved series in the Call of Duty franchise will be returning to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on the 12th October with its fourth installment.

Plane Crash Described As Dark Day For Offaly

The pilot, who was in his 40s and from the United Kingdom, and the boy were on the plane which crashed not long after 16 skydivers jumped without incident. On Monday morning, two engineers and a pilot from the Air Accident Investigation Unit will continue their inquiry into the events that led to the tragedy.

Bangladesh Launches its First Satellite into Space

His goal is to launch the same booster twice within 24 hours, perhaps next year. Bangladesh blasted its way into the space age Friday after USA company SpaceX launched Dhaka's Bangabandhu-1 satellite into orbit, in a social-media event described by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as a "glorious day" for the South Asian country.

Dust storms, rain hit north India states, hailstorm lashes Shimla

Parts of the national capital witnessed a dust storm coupled with light rains in the evening today, with the MeT department keeping an eye on its progression and severity. The storm was caught on camera over Bikaner in the northern state of Rajasthan. According to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) movement of metro trains will remain normal if the range of wind speed is between 70-90 kmph, but trains will enter with a restricted speed of 40 kmph or less at the platforms on the elevated ...

Sensex trades 117 points lower; Nifty below 10650-level

According to market observers, healthy buying was witnessed in the banking, automobile and FMCG stocks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 5.17 points, or 0.02 per cent, to end at 23,930.15, the S&P 500 lost 5.94 points, or 0.23 per cent, to 2,629.73 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 12.75 points, or 0.18 per cent, to 7,088.15.

Japan rollercoaster stalls with riders hanging 100ft above ground

The amusement park said the two carriages - each with 32 passengers - stalled midway through the 1,100m ride at around 4.45pm. However, a second carriage reportedly stopped at a height of somewhere between 20 and 30 metres above ground, while the ride was upside down, leaving passengers dangling facedown.

Amazon bringing 3000 new tech jobs to Vancouver

He noted that Amazon has had considerable success recruiting and hiring Canadians - a mix of experienced coders, university graduates and people who have chosen to live and work in Canada. Amazon formally announced Tuesday plans to expand its presence in MA. They now operate a 156,000 square-foot location in TELUS Garden which opened to Amazon employees in 2015.

Apple ploughs US tax cuts into record share buybacks

Apple also will spend $100 billion more buying back its stock, a move that will enrich shareholders by helping to drive up the company's stock price. Apple receives 30 percent of the price of one-time app purchases and purchases made within apps, such as items in video games, and 15 percent of App Store subscriptions to services like Netflix Inc after a year.

OnePlus 6 to come with an all-glass design, confirms CEO

OnePlus 5T , powered by Snapdragon 835 chipset, was launched a year ago in two variants, 6GB RAM with 64GB onboard storage and 8GB RAM with 128GB internal storage , priced at Rs 32,999 and Rs 37,999, respectively. Moreover, this image also shows off the smartphone in purple color which means we can expect more colors from OnePlus this time . If OnePlus 6 is indeed unveiled on May 21, it will be the earliest OnePlus smartphone launch in years.

Amazon partners with GM, Volvo for in-car deliveries across US

In-car delivery is available at no extra cost for Prime members and is available today in 37 cities and surrounding areas across the US with more cities rolling out over time. Amazon Key allows packages to be delivered inside the vehicle, which comes at no additional cost for Amazon Prime members with an active OnStar account.

Koreas begin preparatory talks to set up Kim-Moon summit

Chinese officials were not immediately able to comment. Based on the tests, experts said that North Korea could probably get a missile to hit the United States - but still lacked the technology to carry a heavy nuclear warhead that far.

IOS 11.3: How to check battery health and disable throttling

The latest iOS update also has new features to show battery health of an iPhone or iPad and recommend if a battery needs to be serviced. The update of iOS 11 .3 lets you monitor your iPhone battery and stop Apple from slowing it down.

Huawei's Porsche Design Mate RS is ridiculously powerful and expensive

A 40MP lens is supported by an 8MP telephoto lens for zooming, and a monochrome lens that helps add detail in low lighting conditions. Huawei AIS steadies handheld night shots for incredible long exposure images without a tripod. The P20 goes on sale today for 649 euros. "It has a 6.1-inch FHD 1.080x2.240 pixel OLED screen and a 4,000 mAh battery capacity", said Yu. The Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS price starts at Euro 1,695 (roughly Rs.

Out-of-control Chinese space station set to crash land on earth

Since then, Tiangong-1 has gradually been dropping lower and lower as it rubs up against the wisps of the upper atmosphere. While Skylab is the most famous spacecraft to fall in an uncontrolled fashion back to Earth, there are many others that have attracted attention over the years .