LG launches V20 smartphone with Android 7 Nougat

That's especially true when utilizing the Expandable Notifications feature-users can tap a button on the secondary display to enlarge notifications. It comes in Titan, Silver and Pink colors. Like the V10, durability still remains one of the flagship features of the V20. The LG V20 will launch in Korea this month, followed by releases in other regions.

Happy landings: 3 space station crew members back on Earth

Williams tweeted before leaving, posting a picture of sunlight glinting off the planet. Thirteen Russians have more time in space than Williams. The gumdrop-shaped capsule undocked from the ISS at 8:02 p.m. "We'll be missing you here", Ivanishin said to the departing crewmates. Russian Anatoly Ivanishin took command after Williams left the space station.Ivanishin remained in the space station with American Kate Rubins and Japan's Takuya Onishi.

Mercedes is making special vans for "free-floating robot fleets" of delivery bots

It's nearly refreshing to see that the Vision Van, for all its advanced technologies and use of buzzwords like "internet of things" isn't actually autonomous. The shake of hands, coupled with a multi-million dollar investment, will see the production of autonomous and unmanned drone dubbed as the Matternet M2 to deliver goods over a short distance.

Pastor defends submitting questions to Trump campaign

Bishop Jackson will also reportedly ask if Trump is a Christian, and if he believes the Bible is an inspired word of God. Donald Trump's visit to a west-side Detroit church this weekend is clearly a sensitive, risky step for him. "Coming into a community is meaningless unless we offer an alternative to the awful progressive agenda that has perpetuated a permanent underclass in America".

Upstate pastor apologizes about Hillary Clinton black face tweet

He stands by the tweet's message and "what the image represents". " Pastor Mark Burns Monday shared a since-deleted tweet that featured an illustrated version of the Democratic presidential nominee in blackface, carrying a sign that proclaims "[expletive] the police", wearing a black T-shirt that reads "No hot sauce, no peace!" and saying "I ain't no ways exhausted of pandering to African Americans".

Big Talking Points From WWE Raw (Aug 29)

WHAT? Everyone watched as he drove Seth's head into the mat, all while looking directly at a stunned Kevin. After Big Cass was the first to be eliminated from the fatal four-way match, it seemed that Roman Reigns , Seth Rollins , and Kevin Owens were so evenly matched that no man could put down the others.

Patriots place Jackson on PUP list, waive Stork, Knighton

Where things get really odd is in the case of Bryan Stork. The Redskins have had an interesting connection with the New England Patriots for a few years now. But both of those two have struggled with consistency, which prompted some within the Redskins organization to believe they needed upgrades to the center depth chart.

LAPD Searching Chris Brown's Home After Hours-Long Standoff

Officers received a call for help around 3 a.m. from a woman located at a home in the 5000 block of Corbin Avenue near Citrus Ridge, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Want more celebrity, entertainment and lifestyle news? In one video, Brown said he was asleep and awoke to helicopters hovering above his home.

North Korea's Kim praises submarine launch test as a success

Earnest said . "He appreciated the test-fire as the greatest success and victory". State broadcaster Korean Central Television aired footage of the Wednesday launch on Thursday, showing the missile taking-off from various angles for about two minutes.

Apple Issues Emergency iPhone Update After Serious Hacks

Working with a U.S. mobile security company, researchers there identified it as an exploit connected to NSO Group, an Israeli company best known for selling a government-exclusive "lawful intercept" spyware product called Pegasus . "The threat actor has never been caught before", said Mike Murray, a researcher with Lookout, describing the program as "the most sophisticated spyware package we have seen in the market".

Minor-Party Candidates Unlikely to Have Major Effect on the Presidential Race

She told the editorial board of The Washington Post Thursday that more and more Republican officials have "landed in Hillary's camp ... as the consensus grows that she is the vehicle for the shared Republican and Democratic agenda". Minnesota has a long history of welcoming independent and third-party candidates. But the United States does not have universal election rules, so in some states the requirements are daunting.

White House says Obama will donate to Kayla Mueller charity

This proof of life video made by ISIS was sent to her parents, who later released it to ABC . Kayla was forced to marry ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was reportedly tortured and constantly raped before her death past year. Kayla's former fellow hostages, Frida Saide and Patricia Chavez, speak exclusively with "20/20", describing her life in captivity and the inhumane conditions and abuse they all experienced while being held by ISIS.

PlayStation Now is coming to PC

At present, there have been no announcements regarding a United Kingdom price rise for PlayStation Plus, but with the Pound at historic lows against the American Dollar following the Brexit vote, the "market conditions" Sony cites could lead to an increase here.

Indian man carries wife's body for 12km

After walking almost 10 km, he met the crew of a local television channel. " Since I am a poor man and could not hire a private vehicle, I had no choice but to carry her body on my shoulder ", Majhi told the BBC . Media reports varied on just how far Majhi had to walk, somewhere between 10 kilometers to 16 kilometers, before he was spotted struggling with the body by some locals, who informed local officials and a lawmaker , who then sent an ambulance for the body to be taken to Melagahara ...

Mongolian Wrestling Coaches Strip Their Clothes Off After Unfavorable Call In Rio

The Mongolians protested the call and lost, giving another point to Navruzov to make it an 8-7 final. Navruzov - whose quarterfinal match resulted in the dismissal of all three officials involved after a questionable late call - won his challenge and the match on criteria.

Marc Marquez storms to pole at Czech MotoGP

He followed it up with a 250cc victory in 1999, a 500cc first place in 2001 and modern era premier class Brno win in 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2009. However, the British rider is a big fan of the flowing Brno layout and can be buoyed by the fact that he took the first podium of his MotoGP career here in 2012.

Now You Can Find Events Themed Videos on Instagram

Instagram has already adopted Snapchat's ephemeral nature by introducing " Stories "- photos and videos that disappear after a day. For the second time this month, Instagram has stolen a feature from Snapchat , this time with the introduction of Event Channels .

Twitter to let all users filter tweets for higher 'quality'

The first is that if you follow a lot of people, you're likely to be overwhelmed with notifications; the second is that there's just too much crap out there. The quality filter doesn't work on people you follow or accounts the user recently interacted with. In a separate move Thursday, Twitter announced that since past year it has suspended more than 200,000 accounts for promoting terrorism.

Snowden: Exposure of alleged NSA tools may be warning to US

The Shadow Brokers made their warning through a Tumbler Blog post written in imperfect English. Many have since speculated that the NSA is behind the group. Claudio Guarnieri, a researcher at the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab specialized in state-sponsored malware analysis, said that the files auctioned by the hacking group look as if the NSA attacked someone who actually managed to counter-hack.

China launches first ever hack-proof quantum communications satellite

Meanwhile, Chinese scientists expect more uses for quantum technology in the future, including quantum computers, devices used for energy storage and transfer, as well as for ultra-precise physical and medical measurements. The satellite contains QUESS (Quantum Experiments at Space Scale) - an instrument which uses entangled photons. While sounding like something from a science-fiction film, a quantum satellite is a new effort by researchers to use subatomic particles to securely ...

Tesla removes 'autopilot' from China website after Beijing crash

It is worth noting that this was Tesla's first fatal vehicle crash in China. "At Tesla we are continuously making improvements, including to translations", Tesla states . The modifications to the company's website were done, as the Beijing driver who was involved in the incident complained that Tesla overplayed the function's capability, misleading buyers into thinking that the feature has much more increased capabilities.

Will the next iPhone be waterproof?

Even though several leaks and rumors suggest that the Apple iPhone 7 will not bring anything revolutionary to the plate, there is still a lot of excitement surrounding the launch of the device. The channel's new concept keeps the home button beneath the display on the face of the phone, but it extends the screen all the way to the edges on either side.

Another One Of SpaceX Rockets Journeys Back Home

The Falcon 9 booster rocket was brought back to the " Of Course I Still Love You " drone ship rather than being landed on Terra firma because the payload needed to be deployed at a much higher altitude to get it into GTO. "Tonight, we're channeling our inner Simone Biles, and we're hoping to stick the landing", Kate Tice, a SpaceX engineer, said before launch, referring to the USA gymnastics champion whose precision dismounts helped win a gold medal at the Rio Olympics.

No Man's Sky: Here's What You Can Do With The Atlas Stones

The Sentinels will probably come after you, though, so either fight hard or run fast. And before blasting off, there's already a lot you can do on that first planet. The end result of discovering these mechanics is an exponential rush of fun that is sure to add onto your gameplay experience. Next, you must simply use the jetpack while hugging the surface of the object as you start hovering towards the top.

Apple Allegedly Kills Off Single Lens iPhone 7 Just Months Before Launch

It costs from £359 SIM-free in the United Kingdom, compared to the iPhone 6S, which starts at £539 for the same 16GB of storage. A new report today from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech echoed those numbers, noting that for the three months ending June 30, Apple saw its market share in China decline to 17.9 percent, down 1.8 percent from the same period one year ago.

Federal government block sale of Ausgrid to Chinese consortium

Ausgrid capital expenditure and net profit. "I'm happy to stand corrected, but it's my understanding that the current NSW Government budget, as handed down by the [State] Treasurer did not include a provision for this particular transaction", he said.

Czech foreign ministry denounces latest North Korean missile tests

Meanwhile, China, Pyongyang's closest ally, said the defiant missile tests have expanded since the bilateral decision between Seoul and Washington to deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ( THAAD ) battery to the region. State Department's Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs. He said Japan also makes for an easy target as it is near enough for North Korea's missiles to reach.

Israel nabs Palestinian security officer for weapons dealing

An Israeli army spokesperson confirmed that the Palestinian was shot dead after he "charged at soldiers", and that no Israelis were injured in the incident. Human rights groups have accused Israeli forces of unlawful killings and using lethal force in situations where non-lethal measures would have been appropriate.

Australians report theft at athletes' village amid Rio Olympic woes

Philip Wilkinson, a spokesman for the Rio 2016 organizing committee, placed the blame on high tides and a stormy sea. This comes after a tension-filled week in which Australia refused to occupy its building, citing gas and plumbing leaks, electrical shorts, and general filth.

Scientists Spot a Mysterious Purple Blob on Ocean Floor

E/V Nautilus is led by Robert Ballard , a deep-sea explorer best known for discovering the wreck of the RMS Titanic . Once it was taken aboard and inspected, though, it began to unfold into two distinct lobes. That's a nudibranch relative - and as Smithsonian explains: "Known for their brilliant hues, nudibranchs are a type of sea slug that inhabit a range of environments".

Twitter now lets anyone apply for verified status

However, Twitter said it hopes extending this process to all users will allow more people to find "great, high-quality accounts to follow" and "connect with a broader audience". Just because you're not Hollywood-level famous doesn't mean you're not notable enough to be verified. Sign in to the Twitter account you want verified (if prompted).

Remains of missing Ohio student Sierah Joughin believed found

Miller said a thorough search was conducted early Wednesday morning after Joughin's bike was found, including use of a Promedica aircraft with infrared technology, as well as another aerial search conducted by OHP once daylight broke. Her abandoned bicycle was found amid trampled corn in a field off County Road 6. Joughin is from Metamora and is a student at the University of Toledo.

Scientists map the brain's shell with more detail than ever before

The map, assembled using data collected from over 200 young adults by the US government-funded initiative Human Connectome Project, has been published in the journal Nature . They added that it creates a reference atlas that allows neuroscientists studying various aspects of the brain to work within a common framework.

Watch the successful first flight of Aquila - Facebook's solar-powered internet beaming drone

Facebook has bold ambitions for the Aquila project, which combines innovations in high-altitude drone flight, solar-powered propulsion and laser communications. At cruising speed, it will consume 5,000 watts of power from its solar panels and batteries, though at the test flight altitude of 2,150 feet, it only consumed 2,000 watts.

No more VCRs, production stops on last-known production line

That being said, Funai still managed to sell a somewhat impressive 750,000 VCR units past year. You know, just in case you prefer your movies grainy and low resolution. However, tapes were made up until November 2015, when Sony finally announced that Betamax tapes would stop being produced in Japan. Some folks continue to collect VHS tapes , with some going for thousands of dollars on eBay .

Nintendo is now worth more than Sony following Pokemon Go's release

Nintendo shares finished another 14 percent hike in trading last July 19, Tuesday. However, analyst Deutsche Bank analyst Han Joon Kim points out, Nintendo has just two per cent market share in the global video game space, compared with EA and Activision, which both have five per cent.

Mahut, Herbert win all-French Wimbledon men's doubles final

Quote of the day: "My goal is to win, always, at least a Slam a year". "It was getting down to the pressure". It was the first all-French Grand Slam men's doubles final of the Open era. She was correct. The chance finally arrived at 3-3 in the second set after a loose Williams backhand flew well long. Soon, she was wrapping Kerber in a warm embrace, then holding up those fingers to symbolize "22".

Fake Pokemon Go apps for lockscreen spotted on Google Play Store

In other news, online prices for the first edition of "Pokemon Go " Plus have soared after the user craze caused a high demand, the Mac Rumors reported . Pokemon Go uses actual locations and landmarks as PokeStops and pokemon gyms that users flock to, looking to stock up on items that help them progress further in the game like PokeBalls and medicine.

Tesla's Musk says software changes could improve Autopilot

The crash happened when the Tesla Model S collided with a truck-and-trailer unit, killing Brown on impact. Aside from voicing out his opinion on the crash, Musk also took the time to tease about what he and his company are working on to improve the Autopilot feature of Tesla cars.

Off-duty officer suspended after Williamsburg crash killed 1, injured 3 others

It was not immediately clear who will represent him in court. Another victim, a 24-year-old man, was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell, also in stable condition, according to the NYPD. "I was woken up with a huge noise". "I heard people screaming and saw people lying all over the place". Another witness told 1010 WINS that it was the most horrific thing she'd ever seen with bloody bodies on the ground and one victim who "looked like a chainsaw had been taken to his ...

Mets OF Yoenis Cespedes sits out again with strained quad

But Jerad Eickhoff gave the lead right back in the third when he allowed a leadoff double-one of the five times in seven innings the first hitter reached, including three doubles-that came around to score on a sac fly, and the Mets went up a run an inning later after the same sequence.

Niantic wants to roll out Pokemon GO in 200 markets soon

The Japanese game maker was starting to look like a casualty of history until the game was launched in the US earlier this month. At that price, the stock is up 86 percent from last Thursday, adding nearly $15 billion to the company's market value.

Philippines won't sacrifice sea feud victory in China talks

China has rapidly built up reefs in the sea into artificial islands in recent months, installing civilian and military facilities on them. In addition, the government has advocated that all concerned parties should shelve their differences and join hands to protect and exploit natural resources in the area as long as the sovereignty issue is not involved.

US Flights to Turkey, from Turkey, and Against ISIS Are Suspended

Obama instructed the team to continue to work with Turkish counterparts to maintain the safety and well-being of diplomatic missions and personnel, USA service members and their dependents, White House officials said. But many of those criticisms from Carter and other USA officials had begun to fade as the campaign against the militants in Iraq and Syria picked up momentum.

Woman found to spread Zika through sex for 1st time

The vast majority of Zika infections have occurred in Latin America, with Brazil the hot zone with an estimated 7,000 cases of microcephaly. "This case represents the first reported occurrence of female-to-male sexual transmission of Zika virus ", said the CDC report .

Developer of Nintendo's Pokemon GO aiming for rollout to 200 markets soon

Gamers who are using a registered Google account for Pokemon GO are unaffected by the newly discovered bug in 1.01 update and they can proceed with installing the update if they haven't done so. Now players in the three new countries eagerly awaiting to get their monster-hunting fix on can download Pokemon Go from their region's iOS and Android app stores.

Tips on How to Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The moveset of each Pokemon is randomised when they evolve , so if you evolve first and see its moves, you've only wasted a small number of Candy . The "Pokerap" is a deserving runner-up, while " Pokemon Johto", "Go Pokemon Go ", and "I Want to Be a Hero" round out the top five. How Much Candy and Stardust? When you see other people, neighbors you've never even met, all walking toward the same place in various states of disarray, you can't deny the kinship you feel.

Taiwan rules out cooperation with China on South China Sea issue

Duterte, who took office on June 30, has said he wants better relations with China and to attract Chinese investment for major infrastructure projects. The US seems to be the guarantor of the navigation rights of the Pacific and South China Sea , and will need assistance from a rising India, but there can not be any appeasement.

This day in history: Nintendo releases the NES

That's right folks, the NES is back and it's smaller than ever. It will be able to be hooked up directly to high-definition TVs. U.S. buyers are reportedly getting an AC adapter, which is something that British purchasers aren't expected to receive with their Nintendo Classic Mini.

Tennessee governor shares thoughts on Black Lives Matter movement

Several musicians have been criticised after declaring "all lives matter", including Jennifer Lopez and The Cult musician Ian Astbury. "That being said , we have a history in our country where African Americans can legitimately feel like there's some circumstances we live with that other people haven't had to live with.