Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana just became friends with benefits

MobileSyrup has reached out to Microsoft to find out how the partnership will work in Canada given that Alexa isn't available here through an Echo device just yet. Digital assistants are precursors to true artificial intelligence (AI), or machines that can react like humans through learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

Meizu announces M6 Note smartphone with dual-lens camera

As far as specifications are concerned, the new Meizu M6 Note flaunts a 5.5-inch full-HD IPS display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a scratch resistance 2.5D curved glass coating on top of the display . The Meizu M6 Note comes in Black, Blue and Gold color variants, in case you were wondering. Meizu M6 Note comes with Android 7.1.2 Nougat operating system.

Google to serve next version of Android as 'Oreo'

NFC: Another issue that users are reporting is that the Android Oreo developer preview updates are having a hard time when it comes to NFC - it just won't turn on. When launching the ZenFone 4 and ZenFone 4 Pro, Asus announced it will release Android Oreo update for the smartphones in this year's ZenFone 4 series as well as last year's ZenFone 3 series.

SoundCloud Secures $169.5 Million Investment

Ljung is stepping down as CEO, to be replaced by former Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor . Mike Weissman, also formerly at Vimeo, will become Soundcloud's chief operating officer. Trainor told Billboard his experience running Vimeo - a platform created by filmmakers to share and monetize their videos - would inform his work at SoundCloud , as he places greater emphasis on developing tools for musicians, DJs and other creators.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Finds Its Latest Catalyst in Aetna Inc (AET)

Aetna already teamed up with Apple in the past to provide each of its 50,000 employees with a free Apple Watch as part of the company's wellness program. Just recently, Apple Watch has become the top-selling wearable tracker by overtaking Fitbit . Fresh details have been shared by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Uber Settles With FTC Over Data-Privacy Protections

The FTC also said Uber failed to implement basic security practices, such as two-factor authentication, that could have kept Uber's driver data from leaking. In its complaint , however, the FTC alleged Uber abandoned the system within a year and thereafter "rarely monitored" the use of God View by employees.

FTC: Uber 'failed consumers' and faces 20 years of privacy audits

The FTC said in its complaint that Uber collected the "name, email address, phone number, postal address, profile picture, Social Security number, driver's license information, bank account information (including domestic routing and bank account numbers), vehicle registration information, and insurance information" of its drivers.

Zipping through the heavens, the Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend

Speaking on the topic, McKeegan added, "You'll want to find a place where you can sit down, relax and stare at the sky with your naked eye". But if they are located anywhere near the Jamaica Bay of the Long Island, which is about two-hours away from the city, they can watch the meteor shower on the Ruffle Bar Island of the Cedar Point County Park.

Microsoft announces Skype users can now send money in conversations using PayPal

The new payment system is based on PayPal , one of the very best online money transfer services. Skype says that you'll simply swipe right and then tap "Send Money" to go through the process. If you're sending funds from the USA, for example, to someone in Europe, you will have the option to send money in Euros. The Send Money feature also enables global payments, but only between select countries.

Chinese soldiers entered nearly 1 km into Uttarakhand's Barahoti

These transgressions occur due to differing perceptions of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The purported movement of the Chinese troops took place even as India's National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval visited Beijing in an attempt to ease tensions in the border regions.

Samsung Galaxy S9: The Infinity Display screen back to the appointment?

It seems like Samsung will be packing the same display specifications with its smartphone as well. Users of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices can immediately start using Bixby by simply updating their phone's software to the latest version.

Maryam Mirzakhani, First Woman To Win Math's Highest Honor, Dies At 40

Mirzakhani won the Fields Medal in 2014 for her work on geometry and dynamical systems and was the first Iranian to win the prize. Mirzakhani was a professor in the USA at Stanford University's mathematics department, having graduated from Iran's Sharif University of Technology in 1999 and earning her PhD in mathematics from Harvard University in 2004.

Data of 6 Million Verizon Users Leaked

A "senior Verizon employee" told ZDNet that "the company was unaware that the data was being exfiltrated or exported, and Verizon had no control over the server". The main fear, according to the experts, was that Verizon Pin numbers in the trove of exposed data could be used to trick Verizon operators into letting hackers access personal accounts.

Oculus wipes $200 off Rift+Touch - now cheaper than PlayStation VR

Now, as part of its Summer of Rift campaign, Oculus is shooting for that magical price: $399 for the headset and Touch controllers . The headset alone initially launched at $599 previous year before seeing its first price drop in March to $499.

Microsoft to cut 3000 jobs to boost cloud growth

Last week , reports surfaced that Microsoft planned a reorganization to focus more on cloud sales. Microsoft said a significant majority of jobs expected to be eliminated are outside the U.S. Satya Nadella, chief executive officer of Microsoft , speaks during a Microsoft launch event to introduce the new Microsoft Surface laptop and Windows 10 S operating system, May 2, 2017 in NY.

John Cornyn Says The GOP Health Care Bill Is A Compromise

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is insisting on a vote this week before lawmakers leave town for the July 4th recess. More changes could be made to the legislation in the next few days, as Senate leadership presses ahead for a vote by the end of the week.

Microsoft's Windows June Patch Tuesday Fixes 96 Different Vulnerabilities, Update Now

Last month, Microsoft was forced to patch Windows XP to help prevent the spread of WannaCry ransomware , which hit 75,000 PCs worldwide and struck NHS hospitals across the UK . Microsoft said the security patches comes with the Tuesday update into the bargain. Some, not able to finish the job in time and unwilling (or unable) to expose unpatched systems to possible attacks, pay princely sums to Microsoft for after-retirement custom support .

Apple acquires German company dedicated to AR and eye tracking

The company, founded in 1991 and based in Teltow near Berlin, develops eye-tracking tech to be used in virtual and augmented reality headsets and glasses. The technology can analyze the wearer's gaze and help to reduce the effects of motion sickness during VR use. Financial terms of the deal are not known.

Microsoft isn't making a profit with their new Xbox One X console

The Xbox One X is the more powerful console when compared to the PS4 Pro - and for $100 more, it absolutely has to be. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, said the console would be able to play games at 4K resolution while the system would run games at 60 frames per second (fps).

Bruno Mars, nominated for 5 honors, to open BET Awards

Those who don't want to watch the award show on television have several options to choose from when it comes to viewing this year's ceremony. Jones has had plenty of posts leading up to the awards show, including one where she appeared to be enjoying herself at a BET Award pre-party event on Wednesday night.

Machinima mocks Take Two's mod assault in short film

The creators of other modding tools, such as " Menyoo " and " Force Hax , " have received similar letters, however these modding tools were being used specifically to influence Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode. They also claim they are working on this issue so that they can " support the creative community " without hurting other players. Will there actually be fewer cheaters in GTA Online now? And for quite some time both Rockstar and Take-Two the game's publisher excepted and ...

26 injured as plane from Paris hits turbulence in China

During that time, passengers suffered broken bones, cuts and other injuries as some hit the overhead bins and others were struck by falling luggage, according to state news agency Xinhua . Twelve people were sent to People's First Hospital of Yunnan after emergency medical crews at the airport triaged people disembarking. China Eastern didn't specify when or where the turbulence took place.

YotaPhone 3 to launch later this year, priced around Rs 22000

The first YotaPhone found a decent amount of interest in 2012, followed by the YotaPhone 2 with improved specifications and build. The YotaPhone 3 smartphone has been officially announced and prices given for the two variants that will be available.

Game on: Tragedy won't stop congressional baseball game

While all of this is going on, Steve Scalise our whip was lying on the ground near the second base position crawling into right field, leaving a trail of blood". Those practicing banded together to survive the shooting, including Rep. The man thanked him. He said the gunman had "a rifle of some sort. a lot of ammo".

New meets old in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

The mode was described as "a storm of activity" with deep strategic elements and skills to master. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions is a remaster of the Gameboy Advance game, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga , with updated visuals and gameplay tweaks created to take advantage of the 3DS hardware.

Minecraft Updates: 2 Huge New Changes Are Coming This Summer

According to the Verge , the Better Together update also brings some exciting news for players who play Minecraft across different devices. There are now more than 55 million users who play Minecraft every month. And that groups of people across different platforms can not play together either. Finally, Mojang is changing one of Minecraft's most defining features, the way it looks.

Tropical Storm Calvin lashes tourist spots in south Mexico

NASA's Aqua satellite captured a look at the depression just prior to its classification as a tropical storm. The U.S. won't see any direct impacts from this storm. Calvin is also forecast to produce total rain accumulations of 3 to 6 inches in the Mexican states of Tabasco, Morelos, Mexico, and Michoaca, as well as in Guatemala.

The battle of the home speaker AI assistant is coming to Canada

Apple has entered the competitive smart speaker market with the HomePod , a seven-speaker unit which is controlled by Siri and plays tracks on demand from Apple Music . He told the newspaper that the HomePod is "a little different philosophically" from his own company's Amazon Echo . In addition, Cook said Apple , headquartered in Cupertino, Northern California, now has 16 million registered software developers worldwide for its consumer electronics, including smartphone known ...

Project Cars 2 Release Date Announced

The trailer also revealed the came is slated for a September 22 release . Whether it's iconic cars from the golden age of sports cars, modern prototypes, or GT3, all classes of cars can now race together in either single or championship mode as Project CARS 2 scores the driver's position not just overall, but in-class too.

A look at how Trump's climate moves affect the coal industry

Almost three in four (72%) voters said they saw climate change as "an important threat" that demanded government action, and 50% of voters said they felt the US should do more to strengthen environmental protections, "even if it hurts some USA businesses".

Several hurt in London Bridge 'attack', 1 feared dead

He added that "it did not look like an accident", adding it was clear that police "thought they were responding to something far more serious than a road traffic accident". The witness said the van hit five to six people. The BBC reports police are searching for three suspects who could be armed, according to Reuters. Nick Archer, who was in the London Bridge area, told Sky News: "We came out (of a bar) on to the road and looked and looked to my left and there as a guy, I thought he was ...

Putin says still chance to do global climate deal despite USA withdrawal

On Monday, Putin told a French newspaper that the allegations of Russian meddling were a "fiction" driven by Democrats' "desire ... to improve their standing by accusing Russia of interfering". President Vladimir Putin has urged U.S. businessmen to use their influence to help normalize Russia-U.S. relations. "We don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore".

United Kingdom launch of Microsoft Rewards bribes Brits into using Bing and Edge

Level 1 users can earn a maximum of 30 points per day - 60 if they are using Edge - through searches or by participating in quizzes. Any searches you make that day after earning maximum points won't earn you anything. What can I use the points for? With 200 points you can enter sweepstakes to win items such as a Microsoft Surface Pro or Xbox One S. Now Microsoft has migrated the offering for the loyalty program in the UK.

Alaska volcano erupts again; aviation alert raised to red

The volcanic eruption may cause flights between Asia and North America to be delayed or even canceled for several days. "Lightning in the Aleutians is mostly due to volcanic plumes, as the meteorological conditions for lightning are not common".

Graco recalls vehicle seats; webbing may not hold child in crash

The agency found that children who are not appropriately restrained are at an increased risk of injury in the event of a crash. The recall is expected to affect 25,494 units. Graco is manufacturing replacement harness kits. The recall, which applies only to the harness restraint and not the entire vehicle seat, will begin July 17, the company said.

Symantec Suspects WannaCry Comes From North Korea

Symantec says it found the digital footprints of the Lazarus Group , a hacking syndicate that took data from Sony Entertainment in 2014 and stole $81 million from Bangladesh's central bank a year ago. "It remains more probable that the authors of WannaCry borrowed code from Lazarus or a similar source", says James Scott, Senior Fellow, ICIT. By custom, Symantec does not attribute cyber campaigns directly to governments, but its researchers did not dispute the common belief that ...

Cops: "Number of fatalities" at Ariana Grande concert in England

She tweeted several hours later: "broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don't have words". People running down stairs as they attempt to exit the Manchester Arena after a blast, where US singer Ariana Grande had been performing, in Manchester, Britain in this still image taken from video May 22, 2017 .

NASA's Van Allen Probes Find Radio Wave Shroud Enveloping Earth

When they do, they can alter the movement of radiation particles in the vicinity, and on occasion, this interaction leads to the creation of a barrier which can be spotted by the orbiting Van Allen Probes . Watching how the tests brought about aurora, can give understanding into what the normal auroral components are as well. But now we have evidence that we also affect the vacuum of space around us.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone to sport dual-camera setup !!

Furthermore, reports also have suggested that Samsung will launch this new Galaxy C10 smartphone along with its successor, Galaxy C10 Plus. Portraying the same design as the sketch, the dual cameras are placed vertically with the LED flash in between and the Samsung logo placed below.

Google may finally have a solution for the agony of Android updates

Easily the most annoying aspect of using an Android phone (with the exception of Pixel/Nexus) is slow updates. Google will work with chipset manufacturers to make sure the Vendor interface is forwards-compatible, and the interface will be validated by a Vendor Test Suite (VTS).

Equipment water leak stalls spacewalk by 2 US astronauts

App users can tune in here. In a landmark milestone, NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer are conducting the 200th spacewalk at the International Space Station on May 12. The pair will replace the ExPRESS Carrier Avionics (ExPCA) with a fresh unit delivered last month by Orbital ATK's Cygnus cargo spacecraft. "Wow, they're so blue", added the rookie spacewalker, who goes by the nickname "2Fish".

PGA Tour extends deal with FedEx through 2027

Monahan said the tournament generated $8.5 million for charities a year ago. The tournament was moved to May in 2007 after more than three decades in March, and Monahan said it is staying in May for now. The tour now is looking to tighten the schedule even more so that the FedEx Cup ends before the start of the National Football League season. Asked about making such a long-term commitment to golf as the game forges into the future with its brightest star, 41-year-old Tiger Woods, on the ...

Watch Stephen Colbert host a 'Daily Show' reunion on his 'Late Show'

Stephen Colbert is still resurfacing from last week's pile-on over a sexually charged " Late Show " insult about President Trump's relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "So I miss that, and I miss the people like you and all the great people that were around it". I mean, this guy does something ridiculous, like, least once a month! "Where are y'all from?'" He directed some Klan members to talk to his female producer.

Rugby league-NZ's Bromwich, Proctor dumped from World Cup selection

New Zealand coach David Kidwell previously stated they would be looking to make a stance on the incident. Kidwell said Bromwich and Proctor's axing showed "no one is bigger than the team". Melbourne Storm prop Bromwich, 28, has also been suspended for two games by his club and ordered to have counselling and treatment courses. The allegations came after Canberra man Adrian Mark Crowther, 38, appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Saturday after allegedly selling cocaine to the duo.

Hubble captures galaxy cluster 6 bn light years away

In the above interview, Hubble Space Telescope Deputy Project Manager Jim Jeletic tells our Burton Fitzsimmons how the gravitational lensing effect works and also discusses the future of Hubble, arguably the most famous scientific instrument ever built by humans.

Marine Le Pen Aligns Herself With Mainstream Onetime Rival

With less than a week before Sunday's run-off, far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron are holding separate rallies. Wanted or not, Le Pen was praised by 88-year-old father Jean-Marie, the co-founder of her National Front party whom she expelled in 2015 after he reiterated anti-Semitic comments.

Microsoft show off Project Scorpio HDTV improvements

This will be the case in a way that will not only let older HD games play smoothly on the device but also noticeably improve their performance on 1080p and 4K TVs through several new Scorpio technologies. Unfortunately, the pictures only represent tech demos, and aren't indicative of what's now being developed in-house by Microsoft or by any other developers who have been given access to Project Scorpio .

BlackBerry KEYone will launch in the United States on May 31

It will then be available unlocked in the USA from May 31, priced at $549 and compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks. The BlackBerry KEYone will also be offered on the company's online store from today, although BlackBerry says that the device has sold out for the time being.

Microsoft (MSFT) Matches Revenue Estimates, Azure Grows 93%

Overall, Microsoft posted $4.8 billion in third-quarter net income, or 61 cents a share, compared with a profit of $3.76 billion, or 47 cents a share, a year ago. Microsoft now has 26.2 million Office 365 consumer subscribers. However, revenue in the company's " more personal computing " business fell 7% to $8.8 billion during the most recent quarter, due to lower phone sales.

Call of Duty: WWII fully revealed with first trailer, screens, game details

Call of Duty: WWII will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 3, 2017 . We have plenty of information on Call of Duty: WW2, which was revealed earlier today via a livestream. Activision also seems acutely aware that the long-term draw of a COD game is its multiplayer and they are taking the opportunity in COD : WWII to elevate that element of the game with deeper customization and more variety to the MP than we've previously seen out of any COD game.