A subsidiary Volvo introduced its first auto

The country is set to quickly become the world's largest market for hybrids and electric cars because of government mandates aimed at curbing pollution levels. Polestar's radical all-electric approach will be matched by an equally radical method of selling its cars. Now under construction, it is due for completion in mid-2018.

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Educating Teen Drivers in the Connected Car Age

Educating Teen Drivers in the Connected Car Age

Michelin's "Coaching Your Teen Driver" effort provides a playbook full of tips, hands-on drills and tools that parents can use as a conversation starter to help teens master safe driving skills. The g...
Toronto stock market lower as Dow Jones cruises past 23000 record

Toronto stock market lower as Dow Jones cruises past 23000 record

All three hit record closing highs, adding to recent records. This means that instead of the index being driven primarily by the largest companies (those with the largest market capitalization) within...

'Narcos' Location Scout Found Dead in Mexico

More broadly, though, Narcos was reportedly set to focus season four on Mexico's infamous Juarez cartel - and the fact that Munoz Portal was killed in that area and found "bullet-riddled" in his auto may speak for itself as far as who's responsible for the violence.

Seattle mayor resigns in face of latest sexual abuse accusations

In a statement released Tuesday, Murray adamantly denied the allegations , but said his resignation would be " best for the city ". "I think it is the right thing to do", Nickels said of Murray's resignation. Urbanist Cary Moon had done so prior to the latest allegations , first in May, and reiterated that sentiment in a press conference on Tuesday, calling Murray's response to the allegations "deeply inappropriate and harmful".

Spain threatens to nab Catalan separatist mayors

Spanish Attorney General José Manuel Maza sent a directive to Catalan prosecutor's offices ordering the more than 700 mayors belonging to the Association of Municipalities for Independence who support the referendum to be declared "under investigation, assisted by attorneys".
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